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Travertine tiles for inside and outside – a modern house in Spain

Travertine tiles facade-black-glass-courtyard-garden

Travertine is a stylish limestone that can look particularly diverse – beige and brown are lined up with shades of silver or golden yellow. Slabs and tiles made of this natural stone appear playful, warm and friendly, are particularly suitable for facade cladding as well as flooring or wall cladding at home. A good example of how chic and modern Travertine tiles can look like this designer house in Spain from the architectural office A-Cero.

Striking facade with travertine tiles and slabs

Travertine tiles facade-modern-designer-swimming pool-lighting

It was no coincidence that the designers of the modern house chose travertine panels for the facade cladding. They look classic, neutral, elegant and in contrast to concrete – much warmer. The natural stone is usually associated with rustic and Mediterranean styles, but when finely cut, it has an ultra-modern and elegant look.

Travertine tiles in interior design for the modern apartment

Travertine tiles living room-white-sofa-stool-glass-sofa table

The travertine facade cladding also transitions into the living room as a wall cladding, optically connects the facade with the furnishings and so you can see the house as a whole. Because of the neutral overall appearance, travertine tiles can be combined with different materials such as wood and metal. The combination with bright, strong colors is also very striking.

Finely sanded travertine tiles in the bedroom in neutral tones

Travertine tiles bedroom-beige-wall upholstery-glass wall-white-armchair

In nature, travertine is a more or less porous stone. During the manufacturing process, the small pores of the surface are closed with a compound. After the fine-tuning, the smooth surface of the travertine tiles is created, which is at the same time high-gloss but non-slip and is also easy to clean.

Travertine tiles are a great addition to the modern style living room

Travertine tiles living room-white-sofa-table-brown-chair

The travertine tiles give the living room a pleasant and warm atmosphere and let it shine in abundance of light. The modern furnishings in light gray, white and brown are in harmony with the floor tiles. With its playful color tones, the stone appears open-minded and elegant and prevents the room from appearing sterile. Take a look at our gallery and convince yourself of the aesthetic advantages of travertine tiles.

The travertine tiles are an eye-catcher in the hallway area


The soft carpet repeats the color of the floor tiles and lets the white accents stand out in the room

travertine-tiles-white-work table-armchair-brown-chair-sofa-table-glass

Harmonious combination of warm and neutral colors in the bright living room

travertine-tiles-living room-beige-sofa-brown-carpet-chairs-leather-glass wall

The abstract picture in strong colors attracts the eye and contrasts with the furnishings 

travertine-tiles-living room-white-sofa-table-black-beige-carpet

Interesting optical effects that arise from the shiny surfaces and the interesting wall design


Travertine tiles in a fine beige color bring a classy and impressive flair to the corridor


A striking decorative construction hangs from the ceiling


The travertine tiles cover the entire facade and also the area around the swimming pool


The facade of the house is characterized by an asymmetrical design


A feeling of closeness to nature through the travertine tiles in warm, beige tones

travertine-tiles-facade-beige-glass-garden table-white-chairs

The landscaping completes the modern look of the house


Contrast between the light facade cladding and the black glass walls