Dream homes

Tradition meets modernity – beach house on the Pacific coast of Mexico

Tradition meets modernity -beach house-exotic-view-pacific-ku% cc% 88th

A dream house on the Pacific coast of Mexico was designed by Bernardi + Peschard architects and completed in 2013. The house consists of several structures that are not connected to each other, but rather are intended as individual guest houses. Tradition meets modernity in this project in every way.

Tradition meets modernity – dreamlike beach house on the Pacific coast of Mexico

Tradition meets modernity - beach house-architecture-construction-concrete-thatched roof

In terms of architecture, angular outer walls and traditional construction are combined with thatched roofs and wooden structures. In the interior, natural materials harmonize, sometimes rough with modern furnishings and harmonious indirect lighting. The garden delights with exotic, varied types of plants and a garden path made of real tree slices, which are properly set in scene with harmonious outdoor lighting.

Tradition meets modernity in the architecture and design of a beach house

Tradition meets modernity -beach house-natural stone-construction-terrace-srohdach

In every room and area, tradition and modernity merge in a harmonious and particularly cozy way, bordered by a certain luxury. The interior is designed stylish and comfortable with great attention to detail. A typical feature appears as an inseparable part of the interior – the reed ceiling and the wood paneling.

Tradition meets modernity – traditional building materials and modern elements

Tradition meets modernity -beach house-concrete-terrace-windows-o% cc% 88openings

Tradition meets modernity – exotic plants in the garden are attractively illuminated

Tradition meets modernity - beach house-landscape-garden-exotic-plant-lighting

Tradition meets modernity – the house entrance under the plants, at the end of the garden path 


Tradition meets modernity – modern thatched roof

tradition-modern-beach-house-terrace-view-construction-thatched roof

Tradition meets modernity – open common room with green plants, wooden beams and a thatched roof

tradition-modern-beach house-wood paneling-living room-couch-dining table-large

Tradition meets modernity – common room with seating and dining space for everyone


Tradition meets modernity – natural materials are elegantly processed

tradition-modern-beach-house-wood paneling-common room-natural stone-table

Characteristics typical of the traditional construction method in Mexico – natural stone, wood, thatched roof, green plants 

tradition-modern-beach-house-wood-cladding-common-room-seating-mo% cc% 88possibilities-plants

Common room open to the outside with a beautiful view of the Pacific 

tradition-modern-beach house-wood paneling-common room-veranda-garden

Comfortable living room with modern furnishings


Small dining area aside

tradition-modern-beach-house-wood paneling-common room-showcase-art

Chic living room with access to the garden


Master bedroom with direct access to the garden


Double bedroomr with two single beds

tradition-modern-beach-house-wood-cladding-ga% cc% 88stroom-double-bedroom

Family apartment – double bed and single beds available


Chic bathroom – wall and ceiling paneling made of wood

tradition-modern-beach house-wood paneling-bathroom-exotic-terrace

Spacious bathroom with rain shower 

tradition-modern-beach house-wood paneling-bathroom-natural stone-wood

Bathroom design using natural materials – natural stone and wood

tradition-modern-beach house-wood paneling-bathroom-vanity-double sinks

Staircase in a modern, minimalist style – steel, natural stone and cement

tradition-modern-beach house-wood cladding-stairs-natural stone-steel gela% cc% 88nder

Wood paneling and reed ceiling in every area made of high quality materials are modern


A dream house made up of several structures on the Pacific coast of Mexico 


Beach house in which tradition and modernity merge


Beach house from several structures – plan and distribution


Fantastic house on the Pacific coast of Mexico

tradition-modern-house-pacific-coast-mexico-bauko% cc% 88rper-plan

* a project by Bernardi + Peschard