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The modern house in Romania – C House by Parasite Studio

modern house in romania minimalist white terrace

This modern house in Romania is more precisely in Timisoara. It is a design by Parasite Studio, which is characterized by a modern and minimalist style. The special thing about the residential area is that it differs from others in terms of size, arrangement and color. It is about one thing in particular, and that is to highlight the house itself in its unique design, while at the same time ensuring privacy, i.e. the indoor and outdoor areas are not visible from the street.

Modern house in Romania with terrace and balcony

garden modern minimalist house house tree parasite studio c house

All in all, a color combination of black and white was chosen for the design that modern house in Romania has. Aside from the elegant look that this gives it, the white color is intended to emphasize the horizontal and vertical structure of the house, while the black color is used to highlight the doors and windows and at the same time visually enlarge them. Each of the four facades was designed according to the direction of the compass, with the western one offering a view of the garden in which the pool is located.

Modern house in Romania – Elegant living room with fireplace

wall unit high gloss white fireplace fireplace living room couch sofa

The modern house in Romania has a living room, a kitchen on the first floor and a dining room right next to it. These rooms are optically separated by a hallway from the sleeping area, which consists of a bedroom and a children’s room. The living room is characterized by modern luxury. The wall unit and the sideboard, which consist of a combination of elegant white and black high gloss, are striking.

The modern house in Romania with living room furniture in high gloss

living room modern house wood floor high gloss sideboard

The gray couch, which, together with the wooden floor, which by the way extends over the entire modern house in Romania, creates a warm contrast to the rest of the furnishings, ensures comfort while watching TV. The fireplace, which is made of black stone tiles and is optically extended over the entire length of the living room, is also an eye-catcher.

Even the modern kitchen in black and white high gloss

kitchen modern high gloss islands white black dining room wood

The elegant white and black color scheme that characterizes the entire modern house in Romania is also repeated in the unique kitchen. Also made of high gloss, it has a kitchen island and an extractor hood, both with an interesting, sloping design. Right next to it is the dining room. The dining table is located directly at the window, which ensures a lot of light.

Modern kitchen in the house with an interesting design

modern kitchen romania oven black white high gloss simple

A white, seemingly floating staircase leads to the second floor. At the top there are three more bedrooms, each of which has its own bathroom. These in turn distinguish unique designs. Whether with stone tiles in a natural look, elongated mosaic tiles in gray blue or a shower in 3D optics – the modern house in Romania guarantees a trendy look in which you can feel very comfortable.

Corridor of the modern house with floating staircase

modern house in romania hallway entrance stairs white floating

The modern house in Romania also has an outdoor area, which in turn consists of two areas. The back yard is, as already mentioned, on the west side and offers a pool with sun loungers and two covered terraces with dining areas, all of which are intended to be used for relaxation. At the back of the house, in front of the entrance, there is a small area that is used as a garden and for landscaping with plants and gravel to give the property a little liveliness. It is also worth mentioning, of course, that the modern house in Romania has a garage. This is a valuable extra if you live in a city.

The modern house in Romania has five bedrooms

modern house in romania bedroom bed curtains light

Luxurious bathroom in modern house

bathroom house modern mosaic stone beige blue gray

White bathroom with gray shower accentuated

bathroom shower sink toilet 3d simple design

View of the modern house from the garden

modern house in romania west terrace pool lounge chairs relax

Minimalist garden design and terrace

terrace dining area glass front window garden path lawn modern

Outdoor area with a modern infinity pool

house outdoor patio pool umbrella deck chair infinity

Large property with plenty of space for seating and lounging areas

modern house in romania pool lawn deck chair terrace

The entrance area of ​​the house with little trees

entrance c house modern landscape design tree white black

modern house romania floor plan interior parasite studio

house parasite studio romania side view floor plan modern

floor plan project garden c house parasite studio

Designed by Parasite Studio.