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The modern architecture here adapts perfectly to the hilly landscape!

modern architecture bridge over the pool and green roof

The architecture office “TWS & Partners ”was commissioned to build a mountain villa in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The project was called “Hanging Villa” and scores with a modular, modern architecture, which with its geometric shape adapts perfectly to the hilly landscape. The building is far away from the heavy traffic in the city and offers a comfortable retreat with a feel-good atmosphere. The modern villa should bring the large family together and give each family member their own personal space. The focus of the project is the multifunctional outdoor area, where various events can be held.

The architecture offers grandiose views

Pool on the middle level with a gravel border terrace with two sun loungers

The location benefits from the beautiful surroundings, with a view of the deep valley, and from the proximity to the forest, which conveys a feeling of peace and security. The architecture was originally conceived as stacked boxes that were rotated around their corner axis. Thus, the walking experience is shaped from different perspectives. This strategy enables the rooms to be oriented on several sides and an almost 270-degree view of the surrounding valleys. This aspect was of central importance for the architect in the design process.

modular architecture wooden bridge over the water view of the forest

The building has a tower that starts from the street / garage level and leads to the second floor. There you come to a wooden bridge that runs over a water element. Once you have walked the wrong way you can enter the living room, kitchen and dining room. The indoor and outdoor areas are mainly kept in earthy tones. The warm color palette allows the villa to integrate naturally into the landscape. The indoor area offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

modular architecture fits perfectly into the landscape

The master bedroom and the service area are on the first floor and are separated from each other by the slope. The intention is for residents to have more private space, while the service area is only used for housekeeping and security. Each area can be reached via two different stairs from the second floor.

covered terrace with a view dining area with large table

From the large viewing platform at the top you can see the entire landscape. It offers shade on the open wooden terrace below. On one side of the open roof terrace there is comfortable garden furniture. Here the residents can spend an evening with friends / family or enjoy the sun during the day. On the other hand there is direct access to the private garden and the pool.

Lounge sofa on the terrace where you can enjoy the view

The villa is oriented in such a way that it takes full advantage of the position of the sun and the direction of the wind. This brings a noticeably fresh wind into the house, while the extensive glass openings offer maximum daylight. The building was planned to be weatherproof to ensure maximum protection from the elements. For this purpose, suitable insulation materials and window glazing were used that reduce heat loss without increasing the humidity in the room.

Wooden terrace with relaxing armchairs and infinity pool

Adequate ventilation ensures healthy air quality, which increases comfort and health benefits for residents. The infinity pool acts as natural air conditioning and creates a cool, refreshing breeze.

Exposed concrete facade of the house entrance embedded in the hill

Night lighting in the outdoor area Pool lighting green lawn

Night lighting on the terrace all-glass railing

Night lighting of house entrance in the forest Exposed concrete facade

Archiketurplan Cross section of the house lawn on the roof Architecture adapts to the hilly landscape Sketch of the landscape of the first floor garages Architecture sketch of the first floor floor plan

Sketch of the surrounding architectural plan of a house

green roof sketch of the landscape

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