Dream homes

The garage on the ground floor sets the scene for an impressive collection of cars: a dream home for car lovers

Garage on the ground floor dream home car lovers cantilever

For a real car and architecture lover, architecture studio Matt Fajkus Architecture built this house in Austin, Texas. It is a two-story single-family house, the ground floor of which is designed like a car dealership. There the impressive car collection of the house owner is successfully staged. However, the garage on the ground floor isn’t the only thing that impresses the design of the house. The upper floor of the house is built like a cantilever that, thanks to large steel girders, hovers six meters above the driveway. This creates a covered carport underneath that can protect the cars from the rain.

garage ground floor architecture cantilever carport

The architects named the spectacular house Autohaus. The entire ground floor was designed as a showroom for the Texas collector’s generous car collection. Fascinating vintage cars can be found in the spacious garage and can be admired from the upper floor.

architecture modern dream house cantilever garage

However, the garage on the ground floor is not only used to display enthusiast vehicles. It has a lift and an area where the collector can tune or repair his cars.

modern garage ground floor mini car salon private

The living rooms are on the upper floor, directly above the car collection. A light-flooded staircase with a minimalist design connects the two levels of the house. The black handrail is in harmony with the window frame, while the wooden stairs made of wood create a homely feeling.

staircase design minimalist wooden stairs steel handrail

The second floor is designed as if the rooms were floating above the garage on the ground floor. At the top of the stairs is a large black-framed glass partition that offers a view of the car collection.

open living room living area kitchen access to terrace

The living room is designed with an open living concept and consists of a living area and kitchen with a large kitchen island. An accent wall with wood paneling creates a homely atmosphere in the otherwise white interior.

terrace modern outdoor furniture pergola black

Directly next to the living area is a spacious terrace with a large pergola in black. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors enable a seamless transition between inside and outside and thus connect the house with the outside area.

interior design window view garage ground floor

A narrow hallway next to the kitchen leads to a comfortably designed home office with wooden floors, walls and ceiling. This is followed by the bathroom, which has a monochrome design in white and gray. Daylight streams through a skylight above the shower area, which is designed with textured wall panels in white.

modern home office niche wall cladding wood

At the end of the hall is the bedroom, which is positioned in the cantilevered part of the house. Here, the floor-to-ceiling windows open up a view of the street and bathe the room in daylight.

projection floor-to-ceiling window black frame outlook

minimalist bathroom white gray glass partition wall skylight

This dream home in Texas is from MF Architecture designed.