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Terrace roofing design with wickerwork – an alpine house near Barcelona

Terrace roofing design -wicker-terrace-garden furniture-table-chairs-garden-nature

An alpine house near Barcelona was reconstructed and renovated by the architects from Design Studio Dom Arquetectura. The modern one Terrace roofing design and the large panorama windows create a wonderful transition from inside to outside. The interior is planned openly and simply designed to offer comfortable accommodation in nature. The house was insulated and insulated, got a new roof and decorative panels made of natural stone on the front.

Terrace roofing design with wickerwork – a modern alpine house

Terrace roofing design -wicker-garden-green-terrace-trees-lawn-nature

Outside you can comfortably enjoy the fresh, green garden with trees and lawn. The light and air permeable terrace roofing made of rattan in combination with the comfortable upholstered garden furniture create a pleasant ambience with a wonderful view of nature. The architects implemented the idea for open planning and for the same comfort indoors and outdoors as close as possible to the natural landscape. There is a dining area and a lounge with casual seating for sociable evenings in the garden.

Terrace roofing design with wickerwork – roofing made of natural rattan

Terrace roofing-design-wickerwork-wickerwork-rattan-light-flow

The house was not enlarged, only renewed and renovated. The interiors are more open and spacious – bedroom with bathroom open to the living room with a small dining area. The simple room design in white and light wood optics create a calm and at the same time cozy atmosphere. The living and sleeping areas have large windows with a direct view of the garden.

Terrace covering design with translucent mesh 

Terrace roofing-design-wickerwork-rattan-light-flow-sun

Patio canopy design with wickerwork and external wall cladding made of natural stone

Terrace roofing-design-wicker-terrace-evening-cozy-garden furniture-upholstery

Terrace roofing design and modern, comfortable garden furniture

Terrace roofing-design-wicker-terrace-garden-garden-furniture-green-trees

Terrace roofing design with braid for a cozy atmosphere

Terrace roofing-design-wicker-terrace-garden-furniture-natural stone-cladding

Terrace covering design and beautiful garden views

Terrace roofing-design-wicker-terrace-rattan-construction-aluminum-garden furniture

Beautiful garden and rocking armchairs hanging on the tree 

Terrace roofing-design-wicker-rocking-armchair-tree-nature-garden-lawn-trees

Terrace roofing design and modern interior in white

Terrace roofing-design-wicker-white-minimalist-fireplace-open-living room

Bedroom open to the living room and bathroom

Terrace roofing-design-wicker-bedroom-modern-white-simple

Almhaus with two modern bedrooms


Modern alpine house with a simple bedroom in white 

Terrace roofing-design-wickerwork-bedroom-white-open-wooden floor-simple

Second bedroom with a view of the garden

Terrace roofing-design-wicker-bedroom-white-wall-paint-window

Modern Almhaus – plan and division of the interior

Terrace roofing-design-wicker-plan-house-interior-rooms-division-section

* a project by Dom Arquitectura