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Stunningly eclectic interior in a luxury penthouse apartment

Luxury penthouse apartment living area eclectic style decorations

The Belgian interior designer Maxime Jacquet did the establishment of this Luxury penthouse apartment redesigned. The apartment is located on the 19th floor of a tall building in Los Angeles, California, USA and has breathtaking views of the city skyline. The style is daring and presents a stunning eclectic mix of materials and decorative objects.

Luxury penthouse apartment with eclectic furnishings

Luxury penthouse apartment living area pendant light kitchen island

The eclectic penthouse looks like the dream world of a young lady, but who has retained some precious memories from old times. All the senses are touched here by a range of designer blankets, vintage furniture, neon signs, antique decorative objects, cartoon wall paintings as accents and carpets made of zebra and bear fur. There is everything – luxury, casual comfort, vibrant energy, fashion and humor.

Luxury penthouse designed by Maxime Jacquet

penthouse furnishing living room eclectic design deco objects

What is surprising here is that the design does not distract the eye from the cityscape. Indeed, it reinforces the feeling of being in an exclusive club, hidden from the rest of the world. The design by Maxime Jacquet was clearly created to give a completely unique feel. Every guest in this Luxury penthouse apartment would know that this is a once in a lifetime experience in a beautiful place for him.

Decorative objects in different styles

penthouse apartment panorama window views city night

colorful decorations in the living room

Luxury penthouse apartment los angeles decorations

luxury penthouse apartment living area side table decoration

luxury penthouse furnishing eclectic deco objects night lighting

Bedroom design

bedroom design eclectic floor-to-ceiling window floor lamp

Bearskin on the bed

bedroom male design gray wall paint carpet

penthouse loft interior design eclectic bench window

bedroom reading corner bench eclectic furnishings

luxury penthouse loft bedroom eclectic zebra rug

bedroom eclectic penthouse bed zebra carpet

bedroom bed clothes rack design eclectic

bedroom eclectic style furnishing clothes rack roll

Luxury penthouse apartment bedroom desk acrylic chair yellow

eclectic home office luxury wall decoration pop art

home office design eclectic wall decor posters

bathroom los angeles eclectic dressing table

bathroom eclectic dressing table light mirror wall decoration

dressing table design mirror shine lipstick write