Dream homes

Stone, wood and glass characterize a modern residential building in California

modern residential building california countryside hillside

A modern residential building, which has a breathtaking view of the ocean was made by Carver + Schicketanz designed. Although the site is quite large, only a small area has been built next to an existing access road (due to local building restrictions). Protecting privacy was the biggest challenge and finding enough space to organize all facilities (500 gal gas tank, 10,000 gal water tank, sewage system) underground.

A modern house made of stone, glass and wood

Dani Ridge modern vacation home family glass windows

The client is a family with two young daughters who will use it as a holiday home. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious living area with an open kitchen and great views. The architects tried to blend the design with the environment as much as possible.

A modern house with a green roof

modern residential building merge environment meadow roof

The modern home was built on the hillside so that many functions such as garage, laundry room, guest toilet and pantry can be installed underground. As a result, an existing meadow extends to the northern part of the house and connects the building harmoniously with the landscape. Therefore the house is hardly visible to the neighbors. A modern residential building, which is the perfect retreat for customers.

Wood cladding and glass walls

modern house terrace glass walls wooden facade

beautiful contrasts between the materials

modern house natural stone wooden facade terrace landscape

interesting roof wave

Dani Ridge House modern apartment building california ocean view

Entrance with sliding glass doors

modern residential building entrance glass sliding wooden pillars

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows

modern house california carver schicketanz roof wave meadow

modern house wood stone glass ocean view

bedroom design glass walls ocean view patio access

The stone fireplace is in contrast to the glass coffee table

modern house california contrasts materials glass wood stone

modern house architecture wood stone white furniture

light-flooded living room

modern cottage wooden ceiling glass walls ocean view

Bathroom design

Dani Ridge house bathroom wood base cabinet glass sink

bathroom design wooden base cabinet round sink

Modern home in Melbourne – warm wood tones and neutral colors

Modern house in Athens – double the room height for a feeling of wellbeing

Modern residential building in Tokyo with minimalist furnishings in white