Dream homes

Solid wood elements, steel and polished concrete in a harmonious combination

Solid wood elements in the living room, polished concrete floor

This beautiful weekend home is located in San Francisco, California and was designed by Knock Architecture and Design in 2016. It is located so that it overlooks the city and offers a spectacular panorama. But the breathtaking views of the city and the Pacific Ocean are not the only highlight of this phenomenal home. The perfectly manicured garden with green walls, the pool on the veranda and the outdoor shower transform the weekend house into a dreamy oasis of calm. In addition, the interior impresses with its conviviality and modern design, which harmoniously combines solid wood elements, steel and polished concrete. Read on to find out more details about this exclusive dream home.

Panoramic corner window view of San Francisco dream home design

The architects named the weekend house the Twin Peaks Escape Pad because it is a refuge for the residents. It is built on a hillside just below the existing three story family home and is completely designed for entertainment and pleasure. If you need an escape from everyday life, you can relax and have a good time here. The equipment includes a wellness area, DJ desk, loudspeakers everywhere in the house, a small house bar, but also the functional rooms such as the bathroom, living room and work area.

Elements from solid wood minibar in the living room weathered steel

Another thing that makes a big impression on this house is the choice of materials for the furnishings. However, the combination of wood and concrete for a modern and inviting interior is not an innovation. This is a tried and tested strategy for interior design that enables the cold gray tones to appear warmer with warm wood nuances. Another example of concrete and wood in the interior is the Avocado Acres House in the USA, which we featured in another post. At the house in San Francisco, the beautiful material duo is complemented by another material, namely steel.

Elements made of solid wood steel minimalist interior

The entire interior of the weekend house is dominated by neutral colors, especially gray tones. In contrast, there is the homely look of the solid wood, which is about redwood, which is widespread in the USA. The solid wood elements have a particularly natural look and create a frame around the living area and the bathroom with toilet. They also serve as a visual separation between the different levels in the room and convey a feeling of cosiness and warmth.

3 leaf folding door hides the small bathroom

Solid wood weathered steel bathroom toilet closed

Steel elements solid wood frame bathroom door

Bathroom folding doors original interior design ideas

Minimalist bathroom with marble tiles

minimalist bathroom design marble tiles

Steel stairs without risers lead to the second level

Solid wood elements steel stairs black without risers

Solid wood elements modern house second living level

Garden and veranda with pool

Weekend house with garden lawn porch glass railing

Weekend house with a beautiful view, small pool veranda

tropical oasis in the garden outdoor shower wooden boards

Dream house with garden lawn vertical planting

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