Dream homes

Small villa with a glazed facade opens onto the landscape

Architecture Japan single story white facade glazing

One small villa in the middle of nature offers views of the beautiful landscape. The new building is located near the city of Karuziawa, a popular health resort in Japan. The house is embedded in the hilly landscape.

Small villa opens to the beautiful area

minimalist villa glass facade concrete floor Japan

the small villa is designed for an older couple and was recently completed. The clients specified an open building with minimalist architecture. There was no way they wanted a wooden house. The architects therefore opted for a one-story house made of concrete and glass. The white color of the facade and interior walls creates a visual link between inside and outside. The predominantly glazed southern outer wall signals openness and lets sunlight into the interior.

Small villa or art gallery in the middle of nature?

Japan cottage in the middle of nature white walls interior design

The homeowners have a large collection of modern artwork that they would love to use to decorate their home. The open, light-flooded living area offers the opportunity to display the statues and paintings.

The other rooms are connected to the living area by large glass walls. the small villa is sparingly furnished – the kitchen and bathroom are literally built into the floor in typical Japanese style.

 The project is from Makoto Yamaguchi design realized

modern minimalist architecture villa in the middle of forest interior

Modern interior design in minimalist style

Glass facade window bathroom built-in bathtub

single story building open lighting evening living area

Architecture small villa japan glazed wall facade

modern architecture single storey building snow winter

Cottage in the middle of the forest beautiful landscape Japan

minimalist architecture blueprint view above

View above modern minimalist architecture

modern architecture room distribution kitchen bathroom living room