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Rooftop garden of a three story residence in Nha Trang, Vietnam

garden isolated on the roof bench trees buddha figure

MW Archstudio architects designed a beautiful three-story residence in Nha Trang, a coastal city in southern Vietnam. At first glance, the secluded, cozy garden on the roof is noticeable. The attractive roof garden, with which the building was crowned, has benches where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine. The narrow property, called “204 House”, is located in a densely populated area with a lot of traffic.

Entrance street side terraces roof garden

The private residence covers an area of ​​445 square meters and was completed in 2016. The rooftop garden accommodation has been designed so that there is sufficient ventilation and natural light during the day without having to turn on the air conditioning. At night, energy efficient LED lights are used to illuminate the modern residence. The aim of the architects at MW Archstudio is to create a balance and sustainability in the relationship between people, nature and architecture by using only materials from the region. For this reason, “204 House” was also built with local materials.

privacy screen wall baummster entrance house 204

The residents of the house enjoy green plants not only on the roof of the building. Several trees at different distances penetrate through the floor panels of the multi-story building. This has brought nature into your own four walls and this can be felt everywhere in the house. The gates at the house entrance also take up the tree theme and are provided with tree-shaped openings that create a fascinating play of light.

private residence nha trang privacy screen trees pattern

“204 House” has a garage on the street side. The kitchen, dining area and master bedroom are located on the ground floor. The primary living area is connected to an entertainment area and a bedroom and is located on the first floor. On the second floor there are two more bedrooms and a prayer room.

tree in the interior dining table chairs marble floor

The interior of the residence with the enchanting roof garden is composed of natural materials. White marble was chosen as the material for the floors in the living rooms and in the stairwell. Wood and warm, brown tones ensure comfort and an additional touch of nature.

three story property leather couch garden chairs

stone wall picture planting seating area furniture open

staircase garden on the roof planting inside

house 204 vietnam prayer room marble bench garden on the roof

bedroom bed house 204 vietnam glass door

trees planting staircase white marble floor

rooftop garden house in vietnam tree inside stairwell

view terrace railing house with roof garden

modern house with roof garden bright trees inside

house 204 three-story trees inside roof garden

ground floor floor plan garage kitchen dining area house 204

first floor plan floor plan bedroom living area

second floor house 204 floor plan bedroom prayer room

plan roof garden planting residence house 204

air circulation section a private residence vietnam

section b house 204 air supply circulation

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