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Renovating an old house – Robert Young creates a real dream home


Design ideas for Renovate house by Robert Young have led to the creation of this modern country house. This impresses with its exterior and interior design.

Renovate an old house and furnish it in a modern way

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The house is located in East Hampton, New York, USA. In 2008 the designer decided to renovate the house. He wants to improve the bad exterior of the building and give the building a new modern look. That Renovate house It turned out to be no easy task as the rust and poor quality of the initial construction could lead to far too high costs for restoration. At least he started the renovation work. The basic structure made the process easier because it offers large rooms and lots of space. The house also has guest rooms. The building is surrounded by forest, water and nature – a piece of paradise. The new appearance creates a sure attraction and transforms the old building into a dream home. The perfect place where you can withdraw in peace and enjoy the silence.

Renovating the house is based on an open concept

house-renovate-carefully-plan-kitchen-living area-dining room

That Renovate house includes an extension of the kitchen and living areas. Designer added a veranda. The open concept of restoration is evident everywhere. The kitchen, dining and living areas are all in one room, which makes it comfortable and particularly inviting. Every family member can devote himself to his or her favorite activity, and they are all together. New windows ensure an optimal view of nature. The whole amount of glass and exterior materials – cement and cedar, which are part of the interior, allow the boundary between inside and outside to merge. Designer values ​​contrasting elements such as light wood and blackened steel. This makes the house look even more beautiful and modern. Both the exterior design and the interior fittings are remarkable. A good job! Designers used the old construction as a foundation instead of tearing it down and building a new house.

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