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Renovated country house in Belgium gets a new modern facility

Renovated country house belgium farris studio green brick facade

This farmhouse is a renovation project that has transformed an 18th century house and horse stables into a modern single family home in Lennik, Belgium. It was from that Studio Farris based in Antwerp, designed in 2013. A renovated country house, that retains its rustic charm.

Renovated country house in Lennik, Belgium

Country house farris studio farmhouse stables

Studio Farris architects were commissioned to transform the house and stables from an 18th century farm in Lennik, a small town in an agricultural area near Brussels, into a single family home. The family’s desire was to get as much natural light in the house as possible while keeping its authentic charm. Giuseppe Farris opted for a box-in-box system to avoid possible chemical reactions with sulfates in the floor and walls of the old farmhouse. This system also ensures the energy efficiency of the house.

Renovated country house with a new look

Renovated country house belgium glass windows natural light flow

To get the necessary amount of natural light in each room, a concept was used that is often seen in old farms in the area – windows and doors are bricked up and cut out in a pragmatic way, giving the facade a whimsical patchwork of old and represents new scars. Typological elements are reinterpreted throughout the house. The fireplace, which is 6 meters high, is the heart of the house. The front yard was designed to connect the farmhouse with its outbuildings. The backyard is a patchwork of pragmatic forms and typological materials.

   Glass windows embedded in the brick facadeRenovated country house facade glass box natural light

small round pond behind the house

Renovated farmhouse round pond meadows aquatic plants

Pool and small terrace

Renovated country house terrace pool brick facade

elongated pool

Renovated country house stables modern family house pool

open living area with a view of the backyard

Renovated country house modern furnishing living area

free-standing stove

Country house modern furnishings freestanding wood fireplace

white high gloss kitchen

Renovated country house modern furnishings high gloss kitchen white

Renovated farmhouse with large windows

Renovated country house glass box system brick pillar floor lights

Renovated country house belgium night lighting red bricks

Renovated country house pitched roof night lighting windows

Renovated farmhouse stables plan sketch farris studio