Dream homes

Renovate, convert and enlarge a house – a terraced house


The young family wanted her to look for a new apartment instead Renovate house, rebuild and enlarge. The terraced house is located in a region of Melbourne, Australia, whose buildings are protected as historical monuments in the Victorian style. This peculiarity claims that the house barrel should stay as it is.

House renovation and remodeling – a Victorian style townhouse


The conversion took place on the rear side and comprises a total of 140 square meters of living space. The house was expanded with a clever design with two more bedrooms, separate rooms for the two children of the family, and the individual charm of the typical architectural style has not been lost. A priority was to keep natural daylight and that every room had it. Despite the limited space and the original architectural constraints, this has been achieved and optimized.

Renovate the house and enlarge it with two more rooms 


The interior has a simple and functional design with clear lines. The stylish living room open to the kitchen has large picture windows with patio doors to the back garden. The kitchen and living room cabinets between them have a modern design – without handles for a visually uniform overall picture. The simple design and structure of the furniture make the rooms appear larger and more harmonious and the use of a lot of wood radiates warmth and cosiness.

Renovate and convert your house and not lose the individual character of the building


Renovate and modernize the house – living room with back garden


Renovate and modernize the house


Renovate your house and redesign it in a modern way – modern open kitchen and living room cupboards without handles


Minimalistic and simple kitchen in white 

house-renovate-rebuild-interior-design-minimalist-kitchen-white-sink-kitchen cabinets

Dining area with beautiful daylight through the skylight and window glass

house-renovate-remodel-interior-design-terraced house-dining-table-chairs-light-modern-design

Renovate the house and build two more bedrooms

house-renovate-rebuild-interior-design-modern-wood-wooden floor-stairs-glass

Renovate and functionally reconstruct the house

house-renovate-remodel-interior-design-corridor-wall cladding-wood-maple-spots

Renovate, remodel and enlarge the house

house-renovate-remodel-interior-design-interior-stairs-handrail-glass-wood-skylight-console table

Simple bedroom with built-in wardrobe and hidden drawers in the steps 

house-renovate-remodel-interior-design-bedroom-bed-built-in closet-step-drawers

Simple, minimalist bathroom design

house-renovate-remodel-interior-design-bathroom-minimalist-white-gray-mirror wall

Plan showing the original first and second floors 

house-renovate-rebuild-enlarge-architecture-plan-ground plan-terraced house-before

house-renovate-rebuild-enlarge-architecture-plan-cut-floor plan

Plan with the floor plan of today’s first and second floors 



Visualization of the back garden after the renovation 



* a project by Nic Owen Architects