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Planting the roof terrace: City villa on a narrow plot of land has a vegetable garden on the roof

Many owners of a property in densely populated city districts are familiar with the problem: A narrow property usually does not offer enough space to design an urban villa with a garden. However, a new project in Vietnam proves that the problem can be solved with a little creativity. The architects at TAA Design have created a kitchen garden on the roof of a single-family house. We will take you on a virtual tour and explain how you can plant a roof terrace and what advantages it brings.

Planting the roof terrace: A small single-family house in Vietnam has a vegetable garden on the roof

Creating a kitchen garden on the roof. Ideas for a roof terrace planted with vegetables on several levels

The builders, a 50-year-old couple, commissioned the architects from TAA with the task of tearing down their old single-family house and erecting a modern building on the narrow plot of land. The terrain is located in a village. When the couple moved into their former house many years ago, the village was a bit away from the nearby town. The increasing development has meanwhile merged the border between town and villages and a metropolis was created. This left no free land for kitchen gardens, which were originally laid out at the end of the village. The builders, who had a vegetable garden all their lives, did not want to do without it.

Create a roof terrace and plant vegetables combine a container garden and garden beds

The architects have therefore come up with a clever and space-saving solution and designed the city villa in such a way that the couple does not have to forego living space in favor of garden space. The U-shaped house has an inner courtyard where the builders can raise chicks, a small backyard as a retreat where a tree provides privacy and sun protection, and a spacious terrace for outdoor relaxation. The absolute highlight, however, is the roof terrace. It consists of several levels, is tiled and has several raised beds where vegetables, herbs and other useful plants can be planted.

Plant the roof terrace with vegetables and herbs and water it and use it as roof insulation

The garden is not only an oasis in the open air, it is also designed to be extremely functional and practical. A staircase leads from the first floor to the roof terrace and allows quick access. The multiple levels create niches and corners in the shade and partial shade. In this way, the house residents can plant both sun and shade-loving vegetables on the roof. The planted roof terrace offers another decisive advantage: It serves as additional natural insulation. On hot sunny summer days, the temperatures in the house are several degrees lower than in the neighboring houses.

City villa on a narrow plot: inner courtyard as a connecting element

House with a small courtyard with an outdoor kitchen and a tree and space for a chick house

The inner courtyard not only visually connects the rooms, but also lets plenty of sunlight into the living area. It is shielded from the street by a high wall and partially covered. A balcony on the second floor casts a cooling shadow over the courtyard. At the same time, many openings allow a sufficient exchange of air and thus create a pleasant room climate in the rooms, which open to the inner courtyard through large sliding glass doors.

House with courtyard regulate the temperature in the house naturally

The room layout is very practical: on the ground floor there is a living area with kitchen and dining area that looks out onto the inner courtyard. A guest room for the grandchildren and a bathroom complete the living program on the first floor. A staircase leads to the second floor, where the grandparents’ sleeping area, another bathroom and storage space for wood are located. It is a sophisticated living concept with a functional interior design.

View from the ground floor into the sleeping area on the second floor. The high ceiling makes the living area appear larger

Modern city villa with roof terrace and many windows offers space-saving space solutions

The small inner courtyard is an oasis of calm

Inner courtyard with sink and trees in planters and chick house

The kitchen garden provides privacy for the balcony on the second floor

Modern city villa with pergola on the roof and inner courtyard

Several levels maximize the usable area of ​​the roof terrace

Build a facade with plastering and windows on a narrow plot of land and provide sufficient terraces and balconies

City villa on a narrow plot in a densely built-up area

Plant the roof terrace. Create a vegetable garden on the roof. Space-saving idea for a town villa or family house on a narrow plot of land

Fresh herbs and vegetables 

Plant several levels of plants in flower beds and pots on the roof of the vegetable garden

The planted roof terrace offers additional insulation 

Planting the roof terrace, creating a vegetable garden and gardening idea for city villas without a garden

Roof terrace on several levels 

Create a garden on the roof. Plant vegetables and herbs and useful plants

There are not only enough raised beds, but also plenty of space to set up flower pots

Create a vegetable and herb garden on the roof. Ideas for environmentally friendly terrace design

The roof terrace has numerous corners and niches that offer sun and wind protection

Roof terrace planted buckets with vegetables on the stairs and tiled the roof

Creating a roof terrace with a kitchen garden – a practical solution for a city villa without a garden

Planting roof terrace ideas for environmentally friendly and sustainable architecture

Rooftop garden 

Planting a vegetable garden and orchard on the roof Ideas

The Stadvilla – view from above

Plant the roof terrace. Create a vegetable garden on the roof. Idea for insulation with natural materials

Single-family house with inner courtyard – floor plan 

Single-family house with roof terrace and balcony, plan side view

Single-family house with inner courtyard: side view

Roof terrace planting floor plan modern city villa side view

The room distribution: living area with kitchen and dining area, guest room and bathroom

City villa on a narrow plot, first floor plan

On the second floor there is a bedroom, another bathroom and a dressing room

Single-family house with roof terrace floor plan second floor view from above

An overview of the residential area

House with roof terrace an overview of the area in Tailand

From a village to a suburb of a big city

Building plan city villa on a narrow plot of space, view from above

The house is on the main road

House with roof terrace in a densely populated district. Sketch view

The city map at a glance

Single-family house with roof terrace Sketch with terrain and neighboring houses

Project by TAA design