Dream homes

New, modern furnishings for a 100 year old house


This 100 year old townhouse is owned by a family from Toronto, Canada who have lived there for 12 years. Their professions – fashion photographer and model – have allowed them to travel extensively around the world and see stylish architectural projects that served as inspiration for their old home. Then you have Drew Mandel Architects commissioned to completely renovate the house inside and a little bit outside. The new, modern facility should better express who they are and how they live. Some elements of the facade have also been changed in an interesting way. The project is called “House in The Beach”, but it lacks the classic beach flair. But the house has a heart and soul that can even be felt in the pictures.

Modern furnishings and a new facade


Two new box-like volumes were integrated into the facade. They have black frames and a modern look that can hardly be overlooked. The dramatic black color is in stark contrast to the old bricks. The architects tried to integrate elements into the modern furnishings that embody the personality of the residents, the history of the house and the renovation process: the open shelves that store personal items from trips, the mobile kitchen island on castors, the steel support consoles where the old and new structures intersect, the old brick pillars in front of the new entrance.

Modern furnishings for the old house

modern furnishing after-renovation-wood-stairs-furniture

The renovation project includes a new entrance, a new facade and a new floor plan for the ground floor, which offers plenty of light and space for modern family life. The basement was also completely rebuilt and used as a suite. This home is a common type of home in Toronto – a three story row home with a basement, parking lot, and back yard. Customers wanted a fresh but appropriate change and not a big house, but a small, cozy home.

modern furnishings kitchen-dining area-wood-white

wooden kitchen-mobile-island-white-worktop

living room-ecru-corner-sofa-wood-window frame-view-backyard

fireplace-exposed concrete-wood-glass-sliding-doors-backyard