Dream homes

Monochrome interior in gray – a dream home in Mexico

gray house residential structure terrace pool roof garden armchair outdoor furnishing

This house is not a new building. It was built in Mexico City in the 1970s. But since it was very unattractive, the designer Ezequiel Farca decided to undertake a renovation that resulted in this design, which was created by a monochrome interior in gray is shaped. A modern style was chosen for this purpose. The forest landscape to which the house is adjacent was also used to perfection. This serves as a wonderful view, which is guaranteed from the living area thanks to the large windows.

Monochrome furniture in gray for the terrace

architecture mexico outdoor garden furniture gray upholstery cushions

As already mentioned, the interior is characterized by a monochrome gray interior. The main materials from which the interior is formed are stone, marble and wood. These are combined with natural tones and create a unique atmosphere that, despite the monochrome style, does not look boring at all. The textiles and furniture were also chosen in gray tones to give the monochrome gray furnishings the finishing touch.

Monochrome decor in gray in the living room with a view of the terrace

monochrome interior in gray living room coffee table terrace

In addition to the living areas, which offer monochrome furnishings in gray, a wide range of entertainment rooms has of course also been thought of. A theater room, a wine cellar and a fitness room can be found in this dream house. The outdoor area offers two terraces, a pool, a lush garden to relax and further green areas. The landscape is formed by various locally conserved plant species. The roof is lush and the walls are decorated with climbing plants and other plants.

Gray sofa as a furnishing in the living room

living room monochrome interior in gray sofa window carpet

Furniture made of gray sofa and carpet in combination with wood

living room sofa gray wall color kitchen coffee table wood material

Kitchens and dining areas, as well as living rooms with monochrome, gray walls

kitchen dining area monochrome furnishings in gray wood furniture

The terrace was furnished with gray cushions and pillows

living room monochrome interior in gray terrace design textile

Gray as the main color in stone outdoor areas

outdoor sofa floating effect stone gray design garden furnishing

Gray stone dining table and beige cushions for a monochrome setting in the garden

seating area terrace furnishings garden table chairs gray upholstery cushions

Idea for furnishing in the monochrome bedroom

bedroom design monochrome interior in gray bed

hallway stair area plants palm tree furnishings wood wall

stairs gray design modern palm trees planter furnishing idea

marble bathroom bathtub wood wall covering furnishing gray stone

bathroom monochrome furnishings in gray marble side table tub

terrace gray floor stone armchair garden furniture pool

plants tropical pool design wall building gray lawn garden furnishing

pool area furnishings armchairs bathroom bedroom lighting roof garden

wall gray color plants palms pool lighting

monochrome furnishings white sofa television stone gray pool seating area

Entrance house residential structure roof garden gray wall building facade modern furnish

house design gray facade plants roof entrance

A design by Ezequiel Farca.