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Modern wooden house on the rocks on the coast of Nova Scotia

Glass facade rocks modern architecture pillars

The small island of Nova Scotia in Canada has long been known for its beautiful coastline. The rough beauty of nature fascinates the tourists who like to visit the island. The Canadian architects Mackay-Lyons Sweetaple was inspired by the beautiful landscape and a House made of wood built on the rock.

A wooden house on the rocks offers a dream view of the coast

Facade Windows Facade Columns Rocks

The minimalist House made of wood is located directly on the rocks. The building looks like it is floating over the ocean. Opened to the water through a richly glazed facade, the house closes towards the interior of the island. The villa fits perfectly into the landscape. The holiday home is part of the new construction project by the Canadian architects from Mackay Lyons Sweetapple. Several more villas will be built in the near future on an area of ​​1.84 square kilometers.

The steel structure gives the house stability, while the wooden cladding of the facade creates a visual connection to the traditional architecture in the area. An inclined support was installed in the living area. The innovative concept not only impresses with its modern design, but also with its low construction costs.

Modern wooden house offers dream vacations on the coast of Nova Scotia

Living room dining area kitchen stove hut Canada modern building facility

It develops inwards House made of wood from the northern living area with a wonderful view of the ocean to the dining area in the southern part. The bedrooms are located on the second floor, where the wooden facade protects from prying eyes.

 The simple cube quickly turns out to be a modern holiday home – stylish furniture in a purist style, and even a fireplace in the living room ensure comfort. The building offers everything you could want from a weekend house – the beautiful nature relaxes the senses, the comfortable upholstered furniture invites you to relax from the hectic everyday life in the big city. Who could resist??

The spacious living area – furnished with comfortable upholstered furniture

Cladding ceiling living room cozy upholstered furniture sofa set

The house opens to the beautiful landscape

in the middle of nature rocks sunset

The back protects the residents’ sleeping area 

Wood Facade Canada Island Nova Scotia Meadow

House on the rocks in Canada

minimalist architecture house wood facade view ocean

The innovative project is also very cost effective

Weekend house cheap build wooden house canada rocks

romantic sunset dream view ocean

Glass facade stone cliffs view lighting evening

Sunset ocean stones coast photos

fantastic view modern building holiday home

Building sketch house rock support low cost construction projectmodern minimalist architecture cube building sketch

Construction project floor plan view above blueprint

Camping hut for long-term camping, which allows a view of the horizon