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Modern villa with wooden facade in exotic Chile

minimalist villa chille exotic location

One modern villa on the lake is located near Laguna Verde. The client specified a high building that can offer a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Modern villa with a modern wooden facade

Luxury villa Chile design holiday home design

The house was designed accordingly on two floors – the first floor offers enough privacy, and the second opens to the beautiful landscape. Located on the dunes, the dark wooden facade contrasts nicely with the light sand color. On the second floor there is a large balcony for relaxation, and large windows offer a beautiful view of the hilly surroundings. Tall trees protect them modern villa at the lake in front of the hot sun. The house construction was influenced by both minimalism and the exotic beach houses in Chile. The architects deliberately decided not to have a garden and instead emphasized the beautiful, wild nature. Only an orange boat contributes to colored accents in the outdoor area.

Modern villa with vintage interior

Leather living room furniture - vintage decor ideas

the modern villa at the lake has been stylishly furnished – light wooden wall panels reflect the sunlight and make the interior look more spacious. The interior was obviously influenced by the beautiful surroundings – the windows on the first floor connect the open plan living area with the small garden with exotic plants outside. Comfortable leather furniture offers enough seating space for family and friends. Vintage wooden furniture – a chest of drawers and a small coffee table complement the overall look in the living room. The homeowner has a perfect summer house that blends in perfectly with the landscape and is equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant holiday. The whole family can enjoy a nice break, and the private area remains well shielded from the neighbors. The architects Altamirano Armanet skillfully mastered the difficult task of building a minimalist house on the dunes.

Narrow hallway with carpet and glass doors

modern hallway sliding doors design

Wooden stairs connect the first and second floors

Wood stairwell inside outside view mountains

Modern interior design

glazed facade-modern interior design

Wooden house in the dunes in Chile

dark wooden facade large window villa

Exotic vacation home in Chile

modern villa Chile-exotic location

Construction plan of the holiday home – side view

modern house storey-side view

Building sketch – outdoor balcony and stairwell

House building sketch-side view balcony

House blueprint – top view

House modern architecture building sketch

Holiday house – building sketch and room layout

House building sketch top view room layout

Holiday home – floor plan

House blueprint-second floor

First class architectural visualization – modern villa in the desert