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Modern vacation villa in Japan with a view of the Yatsugatake Mountains

passive house in Japan yatsugatake facade passive house

These modern vacation villa in Japan was made by the Japanese architecture firm MDS designed for an old couple in 2012. It is located in the foothills of the Yatsugatake Mountains, near Hokuto City. The team has tried to keep Japan’s cultural heritage alive and embrace the concept of coexistence with nature. The Shoji sliding doors have been adapted to the modern lifestyle and serve as a privacy screen in all south-facing rooms. A lot of sun flows into the rooms on cold winter days, while the strong summer sun is blocked. The roof and the side walls that protrude over the facade provide a pleasant shade. The windows in the north and the outer walls in the south bring a cool breeze into the house. The result of these design strategies is to develop a passive house that can naturally control the temperatures in the house.

Wraps holiday villa in Japan like a passive house

Japan vacation villa yatsugatake sliding glass door entrance

The Shoji sliding doors and tatami mats are traditional for the Japanese interior style. As lifestyle changes, they are used less and less. But the Shoji paper is an excellent material in many ways. They provide privacy while allowing little light to penetrate and also work well as insulation. So the architects really wanted to find a way to integrate this valuable material into the modern lifestyle.

Vacation Villa in Japan – Modest but Modern

modern holiday villa japan kitchen dining area real wood floor ceiling

The project takes into account the most important elements of the natural environment, such as the surrounding landscape and climate, and integrates them into the space. It is a passive house design that uses local materials and appreciates natural looks and shapes. The result is not to imitate traditional Japanese or Western architecture, but rather to take the best of the past and incorporate this into the contemporary lifestyle. In a society where you hear words like “ecological” and “back to nature” all the time, this modern holiday villa is a good example.

Wood is legally used in the house

vacation home passive house japan kitchen island window

modern vacation villa japan furnishing shoji sliding wooden flooring

passive house in japan interior design traditionally wooden floor

holiday villa in japan furnishing traditional wooden floor rafters

vacation villa japan interior design traditional wooden floor glass sliding doors

modern vacation villa japan shoji sliding doors view sun protection

vacation villa japan yatsugatake mountains shoji sliding paper

passive house in japan interior furnishings wood ceiling floor staircase

modern vacation villa in japan passive house wood ceiling plaster

vacation villa japan wood ceiling flooring shoji window

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Modern vacation villa in Japan bedroom wood floor ceiling

modern vacation villa japan bedroom shoji paper doors

passive house japan bathroom panorama window back courtyard

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modern vacation villa japan yatsugatake mountains area

vacation villa japan yatsugatake MDS architects second floor

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modern passive house japan yatsugatake MDS architects