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Modern tree house hovers over the earth in Australia

modern treehouse mmp architects australia Photos by Michael Martino

The Australian studio MMP Architects designed the HP Tree House – a modern tree house with a single story and architecture. The exclusive house can be hovered a few meters above the forest floor and as a result it was called a “tree house”.

A modern tree house in Australia

floating tree house in the forest australia Photos by Michael Martino

That modern tree house is on private property at the foot of Whitfield Mountain in Cairns. The basic principles of this low energy house were simple, elegant and simple construction, easy access, minimal impact on the environment, sustainability and low maintenance. Great emphasis is placed on sustainability, which is improved with durable, low-maintenance materials. The materials are also made with a sustainable one – wood of local origin and natural stone for the retaining walls.

Modern tree house by Mmp Architects

modern treehouse australia entrance garage Photos by Michael Martino

Floating above the forest floor, this one modern tree house is comparable to life on a platform in the rainforest. A relaxed and cozy ambience contributes to a harmonious relationship between the house and its residents.

Entrance and landscape

modern treehouse hp house sustainability eco materials Photos by Michael Martino

That HP Tree House – Project blends harmoniously with its natural environment and offers a welcoming atmosphere. Its modest exterior design houses a number of differently scaled interiors where one can enjoy a relaxed tropical lifestyle.

Terrace and dining area

modern tree house terrace wooden floorboards Photos by Michael Martino

Wooden planks as flooring

modern house in the forest wood plank flooring dining area Photos by Michael Martino

 Frameless glazing

modern house in the forest living area leather sofa frameless glass windows Photos by Michael Martino

open kitchen and white kitchen island

modern treehouse kitchen white island Photos by Michael Martino

small pool

modern tree house with a small pool Photos by Michael Martino

modern forest house mmp architects plan cross-section slope Photos by Michael Martino

modern house in the forest architecture plan mmp architects