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Modern solid house with natural stone facade and bright interior

modern solid house wood terrace garden furniture fireplace canopy

We present you a project from the USA – a modern solid house, which impressed us with a natural stone facade and cozy interior. Take a look at the photo gallery and you might find a few ideas for your own dream home!

Modern solid house inspires with rustic elements on the facade

Natural stone fireplace dining table chairs garden terrace

A modern solid house in California provides an excellent example of how a stylish facade design and a cozy interior can be combined. The facade of the flat roof house was made of concrete. Natural stone slabs were installed as accents – this is how the house looks rustic. Large windows let in enough sunlight inside and open the house to the garden. A wooden terrace with a fireplace and comfortable garden furniture offers the opportunity to relax outdoors. The garden is shielded from the neighbors by a high wooden fence. It is a family house where the children can play in peace and the parents can enjoy the beautiful weather.

Modern solid house with a homely interior

Furnishing ideas living room seating area facade carpet laminate floor

The architects of Toby Long design and Cipriani Studios Design have a modern solid house created, which is characterized by practical room layout and cozy interior. A lot of attention was paid to the details in the interior as well. There is a large living area on the first floor. The living area fulfills the function of a living room with comfortable seating, a dining room – with enough seats for the family, and a large kitchen. Thanks to the neutral colors and the flowers, the interior looks cozy. The many windows that visually connect the living area with the garden play a major role. Next to the living area is the parents’ bedroom, while the children’s rooms are on the second floor.

Dream home in California

Terrarium home plants Feng Shui style

Living room furnishing ideas

Living room stairwell interior ideas neutral colors

Living room with chic furnishings

Living room color brown white sofa coffee table

Small wooden island

Kitchen island living room furnishing ideas USA modern solid house

Kitchen with dining area

Kitchen dining area wood furniture floorboards ceiling lights

Many windows let sunlight into the house

modern architecture window plan second floor

Bedroom with sliding glass door

Bedroom furnishing ideas glass sliding door wall decoration idea

Bathroom design and decoration idea

modern house bathroom mirror bathroom furniture decoration

Bathroom with shower cubicle

Bathroom shape shower cubicle glass wall mirror

Neutral colors in the bathroom

Bathroom ceiling lights freestanding bathtub shower cubicle design

Creative wall decoration for the bathroom

Bathroom furnishing colors tiles brown white wall decoration drawings

 Outdoor kitchen

Decking Outdoor Kitchen Dining Area Home California

Garden on the balcony

Garden design modern terraces steps concrete

Modern facade design

Flat roof house concrete natural stone slabs facade garden balconies

Natural stone panels on the facade

Natural stone house facade design modern solid house