Dream homes

Modern single-family house with artistic facade design with steel

Stainless steel pool in the garden lighting greening privacy screen

A modern family house in the middle of the forest – that’s how heavy metal can be described in a nutshell. But anyone who thinks that this building is a common example of minimalist architecture is mistaken. The stylish facade cladding made of steel gives the villa an exotic look.

Modern single-family house in the middle of the forest opens up to the landscape

Floor facade wood glass metal stylish minimalist architecture

The client commissioned the architects from Huff Projects with the task of a modern detached house to design and finish. He also set the specification for a steel-clad facade. It may sound unusual at first, but the explanation is very simple – the homeowner ran a family business where steel was made and was inspired by this aspect of his professional life. The architects accepted the challenge and designed a one-story building with clear lines according to the minimalist basic principles. The abundantly glazed outer walls allow a distant view of the beautiful wooded landscape – but so that it doesn’t get too hot in summer, a laser-cut detail was installed on the facade.

Modern family house with stylish furnishings

minimalist metal wall armchair leather concrete floor

The villa has a practical Z-shape and consists of three structures. The bedrooms are on the left, a spacious living area in the middle and a garage behind the house. In the house, the individual areas are seamlessly connected to one another.

The house was furnished sparingly but very stylishly with modern built-in furniture. Also in the interior are numerous metal details / the kitchen counter, the bed headboard, the wall of the shower cubicle / that were set as accents. The use of wood loosens the cold austerity of the metal and creates a cozy ambience.

Stylish kitchen with built-in appliances and metal counter

black counter stainless steel built-in appliances marble worktop

The bedroom – bed headboard made of steel in contrast to the wooden wall

minimalist bathroom bed headboard room divider ideas

The bathroom opens onto the beautiful landscape

Metal stone mirror integrated lighting wooden furniture

The shower cubicle with steel floor and wooden vanity

Ideas stylish shower cubicle glass wall stainless steel flooring

Modern and cozy at the same time – wood loosens up the metal details

Wood oak vanity granite glass wall sunlight

The outer walls are clad in steel

Single-family house flooring stones pictures wall glass fronts

The house is very well structured – the individual rooms merge into one another

Construction minimalist single-family house project open floor plan glass facade

A garden pond in the front yard

Entrance concrete pool water plants water lilies sun protection

Landscape terrain blueprint view from above villa

View above room building plan floor plan building single-family house

Ground plan Terrain location sketch marks wooded landscape

Villa in the middle of the forest, plan, room distribution, one floor

Form floor plan metal cladding facade view above