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Modern single-family house by Werner Sobek Architects in Stuttgart

modern single-family house Stuttgart Photos by: Zooey Braun

We present you one modern family house, which was designed by the Stuttgart-based architects Werner Sobek. The house is a great example of minimalist architecture.

Modern single-family house – glass facade

Provide house slope privacy screens

Photos by: Zooey Braun

Located in Biberach an dem Riss, the D-10 Haus is a one-story building that was built in a desirable neighborhood. A private driveway leads to the house, which is well protected by tall trees and shrubs. The construction is characterized by a richly glazed facade and two strategically placed supporting walls. The first – outer supporting wall offers optimal privacy, while the second separates the living room from the bedroom.

Modern family house – minimalist interior

modern dining room glass facade Photos by: Zooey Braun

A flat roof and a large outdoor terrace promise many pleasant hours in summer, while the glass facade opens the house to the garden. The living room looks out over the green surroundings. The furnishings are very comfortable and have been chosen in a minimalist style. Black leather furniture sets accents, while a small but practical kitchen island is seamlessly connected to the dining area. Integrated roof lighting and a wall covered with golden tiles attract attention. The private area is well protected behind the inner wall and hides the bedrooms, a cabinet and the bathrooms. A staircase connects the living area with the basement. The garage is located next to the basement and is accessible from the house. The building has been built with a lot of attention to nature – a geothermal system and highly efficient pump supply the household with hot water, while a photovoltaic system on the roof produces enough energy. The talented architects of Werner Sobek, who has a patent on the Triple Zero® concept have implemented the system in their house design.

Modern house – architecture in Germany

Protective roof patio area concrete Photos by: Zooey Braun

Glass facade – house living area

Luxury dream home city Photos by: Zooey Braun

Living area with seamless connection to the garden

Stairwell garage house interior Photos by: Zooey Braun

Leather furniture in the living room

minimalist interior living area Photos by: Zooey Braun

Fitted kitchen in the living area

interesting wall decoration design idea Photos by: Zooey Braun

Patio area with a canopy

large glass facade living area design Photos by: Zooey Braun

Bedroom overlooks the garden

modern house construction bedroom Photos by: Zooey Braun

Side view of house D-10

interesting floor plan house Photos by: Zooey Braun

House facade with built-in lighting

House D10 Werner Sobek Architects Photos by: Zooey Braun

Single storey house with stone path

single-storey house garden design Photos by: Zooey Braun

An old cleaning shop converted into a modern single-family house