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Modern single-family house blends harmoniously into the landscape

Glass wall sliding trees cork walls

A modern family house, that fits perfectly into the landscape – this is how Hill Cork House can be described. We were totally fascinated by the new construction project by Contaminar Architects with an energy-saving concept.

Modern single-family house – facade insulation with cork

Stone lawn house in Portugal home family children

A modern family house of concrete and glass was recently used by the Contaminar Architects completed. The single story building is located near Leiria, Portugal and covers 653 square meters. Designed according to the minimalist building principles, it consists of two structures that merge into one another. The concrete construction is loosened up by the ample glass insert. Closed to the street and the neighboring houses, the house opens up to the garden through several sliding glass doors. The facade is insulated with cork – the warm color of the natural material gives the property a homely look. The planted roof offers the opportunity to move life outside in summer. A large pool in the middle of the house divides the building into two – the sunlight-flooded living area and kitchen are located in the southern building volume, while the bathrooms and sleeping area are located in the northern building volume.

Modern family house – stylish furnishings

shape kitchen island white extractor hood seat

The minimalist house has been stylishly but sparingly furnished. The wooden floor and the cork-clad interior walls create a visual connection between the individual areas. The white fitted kitchen with a futuristic cooking island is extremely functional, in the living room several two-seater sofas form a cozy seating area, and in the bathroom the white bathtub invites you to relax after a long day at work.

Modern family home – the bathroom in white

white cabinets shower sink tiles wood look

The large pool divides the house into two areas

House ground floor build glass wall wood floor

Two upholstered sofas form a cozy seating area in the spacious living area

Living room glazed wall seating area furniture

The house is insulated inside and outside with cork panels

Walls clad modern minimalist interior design

The large pool is the absolute highlight

Cork walls clad glass walls light modern architecture

Closed to the street, the house opens up to the beautiful landscape

Ground floor cork clad glass walls sliding doors building volume

The driveway leads to the house entrance and the garage

modern architecture stone driveway garage beautiful landscape

The house blends in perfectly with the beautiful surroundings

Single-family house stone wall outside area one-story house

Concrete wall glass facade garage driveway entrance

Architecture Portugal Single-family house embedded in the hillside

Architecture driveway stone walls lighting evening

minimalist architecture stone facade cork clad tree

minimalist architecture blueprint view above

minimalist architecture blueprint anchored in the ground

Stone concrete cork walls skylights planted roof

Single family house modern minimalist architecture blueprints

View above modern minimalist architecture

New construction plan girder beam anchored to the ground