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Modern single family home in Melbourne built from natural materials

Modern single-family house natural materials glass swing doors balcony

“The New Old” is a modern family house in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and was from Jessica Liew designed in 2012. It was designed in a simple and straightforward manner as a contrast to the glamor and glamor of today’s home decor. The house extends to 385m² and offers bright, but private living spaces where there is a relaxed atmosphere. The natural materials including concrete, brick and hardwood that were used for its construction convey a sense of honesty and rawness that is so seldom seen these days.

Modern family house built from natural materials

modern family house natural materials hardwood concrete facade

The architect’s goal was to create a relaxed private home that is energy-efficient, practical and shaped by the character of the natural materials. The large collection of works of art and antiques owned by the travel owners are a nice addition to this. The result is remarkable. A newly built house where the neighbors’ tennis court used to be.

Modern family home with character

modern house natural materials glass revolving doors concrete

The two story home has a living room, dining room, library, basement, home office, separate laundry room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a 3 car garage. In terms of energy, the house is remarkable – double glazed windows and skylights, double ceilings, double insulated walls, water tank, hydronic heaters, recycled bricks, thick wool carpets, hardwood beams. The rooms can be quickly converted – a home office into a guest room (folding bed); the hobby room in a second home office; and a studio or third bedroom upstairs.

modern house melbourne concrete natural materials built

Custom-made glass revolving doors replace the conventional front door. Ancient Chinese doors frame the hallway leading to the fish pond. A mural by famous Melbourne street artists Ghostpatrol and Miso adorns the wall. All rooms have a view of the inner courtyard and the fish pond. The dominant color palette includes black concrete, white-painted brick, and natural wood that will age with the house.

    modern family house natural materials inside

modern family home melbourne interior natural materials

modern family house natural materials furnishing wood concrete

modern family house interior sunlight blackboard paint wall

sitting area house courtyard pond sunlight natural materials

kitchen-living room marble white dining table solid wood

eat-in kitchen white marble island skylights glass

bedroom design wardrobe wood carpet cobalt blue

modern family house natural materials wood bathtub

house melbourne shower area gray tiles

Modern single-family house natural materials hardwood

Single Family Home Floor Plan Melbourne Sketch

modern house melbourne australia floor plan