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Modern room dividers in an Asian house – an example from Vietnam

Modern room dividers living area-stairs-railings-corten steel-leather-sofa

In order to distribute the limited living areas of a conventional row house in Hanoi into practical living areas, the designers at Landmak Architecture modern room dividers made of Corten steel as a banister and call his successful, playful project the QT house. The typical family houses in the Asian megapoles consist of more than three floors due to the lack of space. They are set up on narrow construction sites, which is why the rather narrow and long rooms often lack light or private space for the residents. With modern room dividers made of Corten steel, processed in warm tones, a solution full of art has been found for all these problems.

Modern room dividers made of Corten steel – a designer piece with positive messages

Modern room dividers corten steel-art-letters-stair-handrail-living room

A staircase with steps made of solid wood runs from time to time as the vertical centerpiece of the terraced house and its modern room dividers allow the light to shine through the separated rooms in the form of positive messages. With the specific combination of direct and indirect lighting, artistic shadow plays are created on the natural surfaces of the steps, which increase the positive mood.

Modern room dividers made of Corten steel over stairs made of solid wood with storage space

Modern room dividers corten steel-stair-handrail-storage-space-solid-wood

A practical wooden storage space is provided under the stairs on the ground floor. The modern room dividers that stand between the living areas through the whole house and the stairs also serve as transparent banisters. Behind the stairs, made of solid wood, lead to the second floor.

Railings in Corten steel art and stairs made of solid wood – modern room dividers on the ground floor

Modern room dividers corten steel-stair-handrail-letters-decoration-lighting

The wall lighting in the stairwell was planned by the architects in such a way that rays through the modern room dividers and the floating stairs create an interesting play of shadows on the walls and floor on the ground floor.

A mix of decorative accents – modern room dividers made of Corten steel and leather sofa

Modern room dividers corten steel-art-letters-stairs-house-railings

Decorative accents made of warm and cold materials such as modern room dividers made of Corten steel and leather sofa in the color camel create an interior with an extraordinary mix of styles. The minimalist ambience is refreshed by the positive statements cut out on the corten plates. The artfully processed decorative accents from the trend material attract the visitor’s attention again and again in a special way.

Modern room dividers made of glass and Corten steel separate the kitchen from the bathroom and garage

Modern-room-divider-kitchen-dining-area-sliding-door-wall-decoration-floor tiles

The minimalist kitchen is connected from the stairs to the upper and lower floors by railings, which currently serve as modern room dividers and designer decorative elements for a playful interior. Behind the kitchen is a bathroom, which is separated from the dining and living area by an interior wall and a sliding glass door.

The eye-catchers in the entrance area – the banister and the free stairs

Modern-room divider-garage-door-terraced house-frontal-garage-facade-stairs

It is typical of the Asian houses that the living area and the kitchen are just behind the entrance. The designers at QT Haus forego this detail of the Asian lifestyle and on the ground floor a garage with storage space is being created, which is separated from the street by a semi-transparent folding door.

A piece of nature on the roof terrace – Tree grows in Mini garden with bench


Asian townhouses have limited living space, but none of them lack a roof terrace with plants. On the fourth floor of QT Haus there is a mini garden with natural stones where a real tree grows.

Stone look tiles and natural stones create an outdoor ambience on the roof terrace

Modern-room-divider-roof-terrace-mini-garden-tree-bench-stone look

Modern room dividers made of wood and glass between the living area, staircase and the roof terrace 

Modern-room-divider-roof-terrace-rocking armchair-tree-bench-stone look-stairwell

A sliding glass door between the roof terrace and living room on the fourth floor


Space-saving idea for limited living areas – built-in wardrobe with sliding doors


Minimalist furnishings for the bedroom – double bed and bedside table made of solid wood


Indirect LED lighting in the niche of the bedroom


Windows like picture frames – creative work by the Landmark Architecture designers

Modern-room-divider-terraced house-frontal-window-concrete-facade

The front facade of QT House in Hanoi, Vietnam

Modern-room-divider-terraced house-frontal-view-window-terrace

Four story row house in Hanoi – house plan and cross-section


Four story row house in Hanoi – house plan with back and front view


Four-story townhouse in Hanoi – floor plan from the first floor


Four story row house in Hanoi – house plan from the second floor

Modern-room-divider-terraced-plan-second-upper-floor-living room

Four-story row house in Hanoi – house plan from the third floor


Four-story row house in Hanoi – House plan from the fourth floor

Modern-room-divider-terraced house-plan-vieter-upper floor-roof-terrace