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Modern Minimalism – Home in Arizona

modern minimalism house architecture

Of the modern minimalism poses challenges for architects. It offers the possibility that the building project blends in perfectly with the surroundings. The use of natural materials makes the architects’ job easier and creates a completely different aesthetic. The new building looks modern and is characterized by an interesting house construction.

Modern minimalism combines nature and architecture

Architectural style minimalism facade

Of the modern minimalism surprises us every day, and this house in Phoenix, Arizona is an excellent example. The project was called Xeros, which comes from the Greek word for dry. The name itself is the direct statement of the architects that the house should adapt to the surroundings and not the other way around. The project has several eco-friendly designs.

Modern Minimalism – Home in Arizona

modern new building minimalism

The building is protected from the strong sun from the west by a metal canopy. The building volumes are long and narrow, so that it is ensured that there is enough space for the vegetation outside. The location itself was inconvenient at the beginning – the area is not densely populated, but the architects creatively solved this problem and instead paid a lot of attention to the relationship with nature. Of the modern minimalism looks elegant and innovative.

Modern minimalism – house interior


 The modern residence is designed with minimalism in mind – the basement is designed as a studio. The entrance to the studio is hidden behind a glass door with a stainless steel frame. A beautiful view of the mountains comes into its own thanks to the richly glazed facade. An outdoor staircase leads to the second floor. On the second floor there are several multifunctional rooms – one of which is a cabinet with a view of the mountains and the city in the distance. The interior is comfortable and spacious – the accent is on the free space.

minimalist house in the USA


Modern outdoor concrete terrace

modern concrete terrace outdoors

Elegant minimalist interior

elegant minimalist interior design

Modern white folding chair


Interesting wall design minimalism


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