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Modern L-shaped house – where inside and outside merge

modern residential building mexico city white facade large windows front yard

Take a look at the Valna house – a modern residential building in Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico. It’s a beautiful housing project by JSa Arquitectura, completed in 2012. The team is proud of this flawless project and we are happy to share it with you too. The L-shaped house connects inside and outside through large windows and floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors. The spacious rooms and the minimalist furnishings ensure a cozy and comfortable living space. The floor-to-ceiling windows bring light and air into the interior. One can enjoy the landscape blooming in summer from the intimacy of your living room.

Modern house in Mexico

modern residential building mexico night lighting courtyard terrace

The modern single-family house should make maximum use of the rooms and the entire construction area. That was the customer’s first requirement for the project. In order to meet them, the architects chose an L-shape for the house. They linked the two gardens to maximize the depth of the property.

Modern residential building opens to the back yard

residential building mexico glass sliding doors living area terrace

The kitchen-living room has a wonderful view over the terrace outside and the “wall of plants”. The entrance is also made of solid glass. The entire space gives you the feeling of freedom and relaxation, as you are surrounded by glass and nature. The lush vegetation in the backyard becomes part of the facility. There is ample use of wood in the house, which enhances the natural feel. The facade is clean and immaculately white. The color palette brings out the natural beauty of the materials such as limestone, wood and exposed concrete.

Garden wall embellished with plantsmodern house terrace vertical garden wall color plant species

Folding glass doors

modern residential home pool glass sliding doors kitchen living area

spacious and minimalist

house mexico furnishing minimalist wood flooring furniture

Lighting in the living room

modern residential building mexico JSa architecture wood floor stairs recessed lights

modern residential building valna project JSa architecture staircase

modern residential building floating wood steps recessed lights

modern residential building JSa architecture floor lug staircase

house floor plan plan garage

residential building project JSa architects plan

modern project JSa architects floor plan

modern residential building plan construction cross section

modern project residential building architect plan cross section