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Modern house on a steep slope enjoys great views of the sea and forest

canada house on steep slope pool concrete terrace glass railing

“Russet Residence” is a modern one House on the steep slope in West Vancouver, Canada. It covers an area of ​​427 square meters and was made by Splyce design designed. The house is surrounded by cedar and douglas fir trees to the west, while enjoying great sea views to the south. It should be seamlessly embedded in this environment – both framed by the hill and floating slightly above it to maximize the view.

House on a steep slope surrounded by tall cedar trees

modern house steep slope garage concrete slabs

Because of its proximity to the rugged, steeply sloping terrain, the home had to follow stringent geotechnical requirements, including a required kickback from the top, which pushed the home’s foundation eastward. The resulting floor plan was unusually narrow. In order to gain valuable space, the upper levels were balanced above the ground floor.

House on a steep slope with a view of the sea


This reclamation of space is clearly noticeable in the dining room, where 1.40 meters are cantilevered and pronounced forward. By expanding the glazing on all three sides of the room, the room opens up to the neighboring treetops and offers framed views over the ocean.

Dining room embedded like a glass box in the house

house slope glass box dining room view sea

Nestled in the hill, the house looks modest compared to the large cedar tree in the front yard. The topography of the site is revealed when the visitor approaches the external staircase that leads to the main entrance. The glass wall is 2 meters high to maximize the amount of natural light in the interior. A staircase leads to the upper floor and down to the main living rooms. From this room one gets a view of the orientation of the house in relation to the location, its topography and the movement of the sun over the building. The openness of the architecture ensures effective cross ventilation, while the robust materials keep the house on the ground.

modern house steep slope forest landscape cedar

modern house slope inside polished concrete floor stairs

stairs house exposed concrete wall glass railing

modern house on steep slope skylights exposed concrete wall wooden stairs

inside stairs polished floor glass railing wood

kitchen modern white matt polished concrete floor

House on a steep slope interior furnishings light wood, concrete floor, polished

dining room design modern house glazing forest landscape

dining room design polished concrete floor full glazing

House on a steep slope bedroom sliding doors forest view

modern bathroom design glass wall forest landscape wood vanity

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