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Modern house design idea with timeless furnishing style

modern house design outdoor facade white red

This modern house design is located in Beaumaris, Australia. It combines innovative designs with practical building solutions. The functional and aesthetic properties can be found both indoors and outdoors. Since the house is on a natural slope, this was used, for example, to build a cellar. In the process, two additional floors were automatically created, which are located high above the ground and thus meet the customer’s request for a great view. There is also a large garage with space for several cars.

Modern house design idea with white and red facade

modern house design garden garage terrace facade red

The modern house design was not only created taking into account the desired overall appearance. The individual rooms and areas were also designed individually and yet with a consistent style. The kitchen was also an important point, both in terms of functionality and appearance. The use of the heavy, black stone represents a wonderful contrast to the simple and clear lines that characterize the modern house design as a whole. It goes perfectly with wood and metal, which are other materials in the kitchen. The furniture and fittings are timeless.

Modern house design idea – the entrance area with a red door

entrance stairs wood modern house design plants house number

Modern stairs in front of the entrance of the house

entrance area wood effect design white facade

The same applies to the furnishings in the bathroom. Four unique bathroom areas were designed. The master bathroom, for example, is reminiscent of a vacation spot and represents the private bathroom of the master bedroom. Despite the elegant style that not only the bathroom but also the entire modern house design has, this bathroom exudes a certain intimacy.

Terrace design with modern protective glass railing

modern house design patio pool glass railing

If you are now curious and would like to see what else this modern house design has to offer, you can do so in the following gallery. Have fun and be inspired!

Modern living room design in white and orange

living room design white orange sofa armchair cushions

Modern and comfortable seating area for TV evenings

seating area interior sofa gray tv carpet design house

Contemporary kitchen design in the home

modern kitchen furnishing stone material dining table

Black stone kitchen design

stone black kitchen island modern dining table designer kitchen

Trendy house design in the kitchen – black stone, wood and gray high gloss

gray kitchen high gloss kitchen island wood modern design

hotplate kitchen modern technology high gloss cabinet gray

stairs design spiral staircase steps textile black house modern

spiral staircase hallway modern house design hanging lamp

bedroom design bed gray stripes bench house

bathroom bedroom freestanding bathtub design idea stripes gray

bathroom console stone black modern house design mirror

modern bathroom design house design sink gray wall

wall cladding wood bathroom corner shower modern home design

white bathroom marble stone mirror modern elegant

bathroom design house australia in2 tub lamp

wine cellar modern house design bottles tv cinema room parquet

garden idea lawn living room window front modern house design

lighting terrace pool lawn modern house design

pool area protection railing glass australia terrace modern

lighting stairs design steps wood modern

garden path modern house design lighting evening stairs wood

night lighting modern house design garden garage fence

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