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Modern home in Los Angeles surrounded by beautiful scenery

modern house los angeles plaster cedar facade front yard tree

San Lorenzo is a modern house in Los Angeles, California, USA. It was created in 2012 by Mike Jacobs designed for a client. The house blends in harmoniously with its surroundings thanks to the appropriate landscaping. The spacious living area is characterized by high ceilings and the copious use of steel and glass, while in the private areas mostly gypsum plaster and cedar wood can be seen.

Modern home in Los Angelis, California

modern house los angeles facade front yard plaster cedar wood

After careful zoning, the architects decided on two interlocking “L-shaped” structures that shape the whole house: the first “L-shape” – an open and transparent housing and veranda (steel / glass) – encompasses the common rooms, the garden, the pool, the living room and a home theater. The second “L-shape” – an opaque housing (plaster / cedar) – follows the basic shape of the house and includes the private bedrooms and service rooms. A large open living room is the focus of the entire facility. Pocket sliding doors open the entire south wall to the garden, while the windows to the north fold completely. They create direct connections with the outside world.

Modern house by Mike Jacobs Architecture

modern house los angeles countryside cedar entrance

These large sliding doors and windows passively cool the house and draw fresh air deep into the rooms. They ensure the natural ventilation of the house. An elongated staircase connects the terraced, formal living rooms with the outside terrace and the home theater below. A couple of flanking stairs provide access from private rooms and service areas. These multiple entrances create a constant exchange between the living spaces.

Landscaping of the front yard

modern house los angeles street side tree soil plants

the windows fold completely to the north

modern architect house los angeles windows fold away sides

easy access to the terrace and pool

architect house stairs large format floor tiles bucket

Lounge area

modern furnishings living area spacious cedar floor tiles

colorful carpet as a splash of color

modern house furnishing tiles gray colorful carpet staircase

Panoramic window to the pool

modern furnishings house floorboards modern furniture panoramic windows

warm cedar wood

modern living room plank floor high ceiling window fold

high ceiling and large picture window

san lorenzo house furnishings high ceiling fireplace hall floor

white plastered walls

modern house living room terrace cedar wood floor furniture

modern house furnishings kitchen cedar wood kitchen island tiled mirror

modern furnishings cedar wood dining table white plastered walls

san lorenzo house mike jacobs architects stairs glass railing

children's room modern house single beds plaster cedar wood

children's room furnishings cedar wood single beds window

bedroom queen bed cedar wood floor rocking chair

bedroom furnishings bed cedar wood accent wall dark blue

modern house patio furniture pool landscape grasses

pool terrace design furniture roofing ornamental grasses

san lorenzo house architects mike jacobs plan

san lorenzo plan cross-section two floors

san lorenzo house los angeles plan cross section

mike jacobs project house plan


san lorenzo mark jacobs plan area