Dream homes

Modern holiday home by the lake opens up to the idyllic landscape

Fronts lake water lilies chairs wood flooring forest

Wirra Willa Pavilion is a minimalist one Cottage by the lake – the richly glazed facade opens to the beautiful landscape. The owners of the property hired the architects from Matthew Woodward Architecture to build a modern retreat for the family. The villa should be a place of rest and relaxation, where the family can enjoy being together and spend many wonderful hours outdoors.

Cottage on the lake with an idyllic location in the middle of nature

in the middle of nature forest lake water lilies meadow

That Cottage by the lake has the shape of a cube made of glass, which opens up to the beautiful landscape and lets plenty of sunlight into the interior. Inside the glass construction, wooden interior walls shield the homeowner’s private area. So the building was practically divided into two – the spacious living area including kitchen and dining area and the bedrooms and bathrooms. The wild beauty of the surrounding nature can be enjoyed from every part of the house – floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of the lake and the nearby forest. A small pool was installed on the spacious wooden terrace.

Cottage on the lake – puristically furnished

Bedroom wood floor curtains double bed stone slabs

That Cottage by the lake is puristic and economical. The wooden floor and the wall cladding / also made of wood / create a visual connection between the individual areas. In the living room, a large wood fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere and offers the possibility of using the villa in winter. The bedroom is only furnished with a double bed and built-in bedside tables. The simple furniture allows the beautiful nature to come into its own.

Modern bathroom design – bathroom clad in wood

Wood cabinet plain fronts recessed roof lights

Shower cabin with a beautiful view of the lake

nice long window view nature surroundings

Curtains screen the bedroom

Curtains white color white wall beautiful dream view

Inside and outside are seamlessly connected – large glass fronts open the house to the surroundings

Terrace built-in summer sun vacation home ideas

The spacious living area looks out to the forest

Interior living room sparsely furnished chairs table

The house was built exclusively with energy-efficient materials

Glass door house entrance living area stone wall

Do you see the pool? It is built into the floor and covered with a wooden panel

Roofing cube-like house interior pool

The house is on flat land in the middle of the forest

Cottage field forest beautiful architecture minimalist

Terrace stone flooring panels glass fronted chairs

Concrete wall glass fronts cottage villa modern architecture

Lake lawn area flooring beautiful nature environment

Wooden terrace roofing lake beautiful view

high perennials in the middle of nature, idyllic location

Cottage glass facade wood concrete lake beautiful nature

at the lake privacy curtains evening tall trees

Glass facade beautiful lighting evening ideas

in the forest glass fronts wood details view lake blueprint

Villa lake one floor plan side view

Forest blueprint view side a component in front

Lake view from above floor plan detail