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Modern flat roof house with astonishingly simple interior design

modern flat roof house netherlands glass walls courtyard

Villa L is a modern flat roof house and is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The project was sponsored by Powerhouse Company in close cooperation with ROUGH completed to meet the wants and needs of a young family with three children. The house impresses with a well-tended garden and is surrounded by a lush forest. The interior is amazingly simple, but very stylish. Villa L faces the sun with a view of the garden. Each floor has its own identity and is very open and bright thanks to the large glass walls.

Modern flat roof house surrounded by a beautiful forest

modern flat roof house forest landscape green lawn garden

The young family wanted a house that was still surprising, open and spatially divided, yet minimalist and luxurious. The Powerhouse Company team decided to integrate these contradictions into the design of the house. This resulted in three floors, one of which is underground, which have very different characters and functionalities as the basis for family life.

North side and house entrance

modern house flat roof entrance forest landscape well-kept garden

The ground floor is spacious and open. It includes the service rooms, toilets, stairs and offers easy access to the luxuriously designed living spaces. The kitchen and living room are maximally oriented towards the sun. Two more rooms are located on the north side next to the entrance. The rooms on the first floor offer space for sleeping and privacy. All rooms there are decorated with dark wood and surrounded by a delicate roof garden. Each room is like its own world with its own view over the wooded landscape. The curved basement is used for guests, wellness and storage.

Glass cutouts in the facade

modern flat roof house entrance glass tile facade

The house has innovative sustainable solutions including a hot and cold water storage system and extensive use of hidden PV cells. The basement contains a special area for high-quality energy-saving systems.

beautiful forest landscape

modern family home netherlands forest landscape open floor plan

Roof garden

modern flat roof house green balcony ground cover

Glass walls offer views of the garden

modern flat roof house furnishing glass walls curved garden aligned

Entrance hall

modern flat roof house furnishing entrance wood sandstone tiles

floor to ceiling wall shelves

minimalist furnishing wooden shelves movable door

Vortex staircase

modern family home furnishings minimalistic whirling staircase white wood

modern flat roof house holland children's room white handleless cupboards

modern flat roof house furniture wardrobe white handleless

modern flat roof house furnishings white curved lines

modern house furnishings minimalist white cabinets

modern family house forest surrounded garden pavilion glass

modern flat roof house garden glass gazebo bushes

modern single-family house glass walls nature invite stairs

modern flat roof house courtyard garden facade night lighting

Villa L modern flat roof house architect plan floor plan modern flat roof house powerhouse company RAU

modern flat roof house furnishing simple construction

Villa L house forest landscape sketch