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Modern family house with monolithic design and beautiful wooden veranda

modern house design wooden veranda garden black concrete

In today’s post we are going to present you a fascinating, modern family house with a chic wooden veranda, in Melroeira – Ourém, Portugal, which was built on a slightly sloping farmland. The villa with the impressive monolithic appearance was designed by architects from the Portuguese agency Filipe Saraiva Arquitectos. The House Ourém extends over an area of ​​410 square meters. The unique design of the house was inspired by the way a child draws a house from simple 5 lines, namely a composition of a rectangle and two squares. The pentagon at the front of the charming house with a wooden veranda consists of five lines that represent the four walls and the roof. The rectangle stands for the door, while the squares form the windows.

shape house black concrete wood veranda wooden garden

On the side of the building, a path leads to the entrance. The front door is under a canopy made of weathered steel. Viewed from the inside, the wooden door is in a small niche. A music room was set up right next to it. This room is furnished with a chic lounge chair and record player. A glass wall with a black steel frame offers a view of the garage. At the other end of the room, the music room goes over to the main living area. In the bright living area with a high ceiling, there is a large, round table surrounded by several black chairs. The black color of the seats harmonizes with the black window frames of the large window front. The wooden material of the dining table looks just as unanimous in combination with the wonderfully beautiful wooden veranda. Thanks to the large window front, the cozy and spacious living area is beautifully flooded with light.

fireplace black couch island fur glass front

The living room has a fireplace that fills the room with warmth and comfort. Behind the sitting area is another lounge area with a low chest of drawers and a TV. The kitchen is also located in the open living area. The wooden cabinets add a natural charm to the white painted room. A wooden staircase connects the open living area with the rest of the rooms of the beautiful villa with a wooden veranda. The bedrooms, the bathroom with the shower and the home office with the library are located on the upper floor. In the elegant bathroom, the free-standing, oval bathtub offers a view of the small inner courtyard with a small raised terrace and sandy floor. From the open living area you have access to the covered wooden veranda, which has been set up as a cozy dining and lounge area. From there you have a view of the surrounding farmland and the road. A stepping stone garden path leads to the idyllic front garden with seating area, water feature and a fireplace.

living area dining area dining table around wood concrete floor

living room high ceiling pointed roof window front porch made of wood covered

kitchen island spacious bright kitchen cabinets

house ourem portugal wine cellar glass steel frame closed

children's room bedroom bed desk shelf

library home office sloping roof house ourem

music room concrete floor sound system window

door light wood music room armchair

hall wardrobe minimalist bright house ourem

large windows bathroom freestanding bathtub wood gray

wooden veranda covered wooden slats seating area

entrance steel stairs house ourem concrete slabs

family house ourem window front triangular sloping roof terrace

garden pond landscape wooden slats wooden porch house

terrace garden garden plants garden path wooden veranda

modern garden house ourem wooden veranda stone garden path

house ourem portugal courtyard pebbles

garage pointed roof concrete playground

cars garage roofed house pointed roof

* a project by Filipe Saraiva Arquitectos