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Modern family home plays with transparency and mirror effects

Modern family house tel aviv water level effects glass walls lighting

“The Float House” is a modern family house in Tel Aviv, Israel and was founded in 2013 by Pitsou Kedem Architect designed. The architects’ concept was to build a spacious house on the 550 square meter property, which is separated into smaller rooms with different functions by inner courtyards and movable room dividers.

Modern single-family house covers 550 square meters

modern family house pool courtyard night lighting mirror effects

The various rooms and courtyards are connected as a whole by two ultra-thin roofs supported by a central point so that they seem to float in the air. The two roofs merge and extend 5 meters above the front walls of the house. The entire roof is made of lightweight materials with a slight slope.

Modern single-family house with inner courtyard

modern house glass wall bathroom visible lighting

The house itself consists of a series of rooms where the boundaries between inside and outside merge. The entrance is framed with a wall of wooden slats, which can be perceived as the border between the two areas. The facade protects the residents from prying eyes from the street, while the house on the other side opens completely to the inner courtyard.

modern single-family house tel aviv israel wood wall privacy screen

If you walk through the entrance hall, you cross a transparent pool with large basalt rocks and trees that seem to float on the water. If you take a closer look at the pictures, you will experience the illusion that the house is floating and reflected in the pool, just like the roof hovers over the glass walls. The long, narrow pool follows the line of the walls and creates breathtaking water mirror effects, emphasized by the lights at night.

modern house courtyard tel aviv gray stone wood

modern family house privacy screen wood concrete fence

modern family house tel aviv wood concrete facade floor lights

dream house tel aviv courtyard water mirror effects wood slats

modern family house mirror effects courtyard trees step plates

Single-family house courtyard water mirror effects kick plates

water level effect house residential structure courtyard wall wood

dream house tel aviv pool courtyard mirror effects glass wall

dream house exterior cladding stone gray floor-to-ceiling glass windows

modern family house glass walls courtyard lighting

house pool lighting patio sliding doors interior

modern house tel aviv israel bathroom glass walls

modern single-family house tel aviv kitchen island white minimalist  bedroom wooden floor open glass walls wooden floor

modern bedroom black gray glass wall courtyard

modern family house stairs wood stone contrast

modern house bedroom glass wall view courtyard

modern house israel bathroom design glass shower tiles

bathroom glass wall view pool bathtub wooden floor

bathroom glass wall view courtyard freestanding bathtub

modern family home bathroom glass walls view pool

modern house tel aviv lawn pergola black

modern house floor plan landscape plan

house tel aviv courtyard pool pitsou kedem

modern single-family house tel aviv cross-section