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Modern concrete house in Mexico with high ceilings and spacious rooms

modern concrete house mexico architecture night lighting glass cutouts

The architecture firm RP Arquitectos designed Brione’s house – a modern concrete house in Mexico. The house is located in a wooded area in Xalapa and has two floors, high ceilings and a bright, open interior. The house is located at the top of a hill and has a wonderful view of the adjacent hill, which is protected by the Institute of Ecology of the City of Xalapa and designated as a nature reserve (inecol).

Modern concrete house from RP Arquitectos

modern concrete house mexico two floors of lawn

White concrete is used both indoors and outdoors. In the main entrance hall, you are greeted by a double-height ceiling. The spacious interior is immersed in natural light and reveals a playful design with various paths, stairs and levels. A glass bridge leads you to the bedrooms. It is the element that unites the public with the private realm.

Modern concrete house with a white facade

modern concrete house white facade glass cutouts mexico

The same high ceiling continues into the dining and living areas and creates different effects of light and shadow. You can enjoy the natural landscape through the large glass windows. The ground floor is practically blind, only small sections allow a view to the outside, for example for the arrival of visitors, while the privacy of the residents is preserved. On the contrary, the rear facade opens up to the landscape and creates a dialogue between outside and inside. Practically all rooms on this side have glass walls. The house can be seen as a large sculpture, where in each part there is a room with its own function, but at the same time this part forms a whole. It would not be possible to interpret one room without the other.

modern architecture in Xalapa, Mexico

modern house mexico white concrete architectural firm RP

green plants against the white facade

modern concrete house mexico two stories landscape hanging plants

Glass wall and white concrete

modern house concrete facade glass wall second floor

Double height ceiling

modern concrete house furnishings high ceilings living area wood floor

small lounge corner

modern concrete residential building interior stairs lounge area

Dining and living area

modern concrete house mexico dining area glass walls dining table

modern two story house mexico bridge wood floor

briones-house-architect-RP-floor plan




briones-house-two-story-garage-plan briones-house-glass-concrete-architecture-plan