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Modern architecture and design ideas for five luxury villas in Bodrum

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Bring these five villas modern architecture and design to expression. The project belongs to the Aytac Architects, whose work was inspired by the fabulous Kos volcano, which is nearby.

Modern architecture and design in combination with silence and nature

architecture and design five buildings aegean countryside green surroundings

Each of the villas has been strategically positioned. As a result, it offers wide, wonderful views of the Hebil Bay. A strange and fantastic combination is formed between this view, the Aegean landscape and the Mediterranean breeze, which has a calming effect on everyone. Modern architecture and design succeed in imitating the crystallized lava flows of the Kos volcano. The glass surfaces allow the beautiful surroundings to enter the house and thus mix the connection between inside and outside. In this way, full relaxation is achieved. You sit in the middle of nature and enjoy breathtaking views while being surrounded by luxury and comfortable designer furniture.

Modern architecture and design create modern architecture and design

modern architecture design glass surfaces living area dining area

Both the interior design and the equipment of the outdoor area are influenced by the idea of ​​the volcano and its type and structure. That defines the uniqueness of the project. Modern architecture and design are based on high quality materials that are in line with the main idea. Only the stone of volcanic basalt was used for the interior design. For the outdoor area, the volcanic agglomerate adds to the charm of the building. The living rooms of the villas flow into one another. Modern furniture and comfortable systems ensure the highest level of comfort for the owner. The small residential complex is called Hebil 157 Houses and is located in Bodrum, Turkey.

The five magnificent villas are located in Bodrum

modern architecture five villas designer factory project

Natural accents in the outdoor area

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The pool ensures well-being

modern architecture and design pool large inviting

Modern architecture and design are impressive

modern design modern outdoor area placed high

The Kos volcano and its lava flows have had an impact

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Remarkable and comfortable interior design

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The glass surfaces allow a view of nature

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Mild lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere

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modern, mild lighting stylish, simple, delicate colors

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