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Metal sun protection in white for the facade of the Restelo house

metal sun protection in white facade decoration idea

Sun protection for houses can be designed in a number of ways. Shutters, blinds, awnings or canopies are usually used to guarantee a pleasant indoor climate, even in summer. The Restelo house, on the other hand, has a particularly interesting element that is not only protective, but also extremely decorative. The designers from João Tiago Aguiar have come up with an original facade that also has a Metal sun protection in white represents. The house is located in Lisbon, Portugal and combines a modern design in mainly white color with some traditional elements.

Metal sun protection in white made of panels

metal sun protection in white sliding door design decorative panels

The metal sun protection in white covers the entire facade on the terrace side. In this way, however, not only is the sunlight perfectly filtered without losing valuable daylight. An impressive decorative effect is also achieved. The impressive pattern represents Portuguese motifs, as we know them from traditional tiles. The metal sun protection in white was attached with the help of rails. This enables the owners to push the panels aside if necessary to let more sun shine into the rooms and to guarantee easy access to the terrace or the living room.

Metal sun protection in white to slide

metal sun protection in white terrace wall panels-mobile-design

A sliding system does not only use the metal sun protection in white. The large window fronts can also be opened and closed in this way. This creates a connection between indoor and outdoor areas: the terrace becomes part of the living room. The furnishings were chosen to be minimalist. The main color for the interior is white. There are also surfaces in black, gray and wood for the floor. Take a look at the breathtaking design of the house with metal sun protection in white below and let the ideas inspire you.

Traditional pattern

metal sun protection in white window-front-design-traditional-portuguese-motifs

Facade to the terrace


Original light filter

metal-sun protection-in-white-indirect-lighting-outdoor-modern

Large windows from sliding windows

metal-sun-protection-in-white-kitchen-black-living room-sliding-window

White built-in wardrobe


Living room furnishings

metal-sun protection-in-white-lounge-sofa-gray-dining area

Modern kitchen

metal-sun protection-white-kitchen-island-high-gloss-black-sink

Wooden stairs

metal-sun protection-white-wall-paint-stairs-wood

White wall design

metal-sun protection-white-hall-simple-interior-portugal-mediterranean-living

Work area with a sloping roof

metal-sun protection-white-upper floor-skylight-desk-shelf

Minimalist interior

metal-sun protection-white-railing-sloping-roof-cupboards-wall

Light parquet

metal-sun protection-white-restelo-house-accent-wall-gray-high-gloss

White marble bathroom

metal-sun protection-white-bathroom-marble-furnishing-bath-shower-glass

Concrete-look bathroom

metal-sun protection-white-bathroom-concrete-optic-open-shower

Simple garden

metal-sun-protection-white-plaster-single-family home furnishings

Burglary protection

metal-sun protection-in-white-garden-design-minimalist-roof-fixed-bush

Entrance area of ​​the terraced house

metal-sun protection-white-entrance-balcony-wall-facade

Design by João Tiago Aguiar.