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Mediterranean House – Redesigned private house with a modern, minimalist flair

back of the house with glass front and planted cacti in the sand with lighting

Henkin Shavit Architecture & Design completely redesigned a stunning 120m2 Mediterranean home in Bitzaron, Israel in 2019. The private house blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape and creates an inviting feeling with cozy interiors and a rustic design. To get a better idea, you can simply check out the full story here after the renovation.

Renovated Mediterranean house

house facade in white with closed wooden shutters and terrazzo floor forecourt with wooden table

Originally built in 1935, this building belonged to one of the founders of Bitzaron, a small town on the east coast of the Mediterranean. The property is located in the midst of lush green fields, orange plantations and an impressive cactus garden.

Glass container on a wooden table and a view of the living room with couch and flat screen TV

These orchards also served as inspiration for the structural redesign. In this analogy, the rooms of the house symbolize the rows of trees, while the central room (dining area + kitchen) imitates the ridges.

round dining table with chairs and terrazzo floor coating in the kitchen area

It is a Mediterranean house that was previously in a state in which the rooms were so divided. This is similar to the architectural style at the beginning of the 20th century. Inspired by the planted ridges, the architects decided to open the central axis of the house.

modern living room with retro elements and an open space to the kitchen

So you have created a space that sets the stage for natural ventilation. The team also let in natural light from both ends of the axis this way. This enabled them to build a Mediterranean home made up of new and old.

wood-colored kitchen island with dining area in a spacious kitchen with white floor-to-ceiling cabinets and a window front

In addition, this project focuses on historical reclamation, including the use of terrazzo floors. So the design is inspired by what once was. The facade of the house impresses with wooden shutters and salvaged doors, which are also reminiscent of the original.

Minimalistic redesign

architect studio henkin cacti house in moshav israel with glass front and large garden with orange trees

The house is on 1 acre lot with outbuildings like an old chicken coop as well as a unit that was built for the family’s adult children but now serves as a guest house.

bedroom with double bed and colorful pillows has a transition to the kitchen with wooden door

The designers approached this project with the ultimate goal of capitalizing on its heritage and geographic location while creating a modern space for the widow who lives there. The result is a secluded Mediterranean home where she can enjoy the beauty of her natural surroundings as well as the presence of her ancestors.

Children's room with a large rustic wardrobe in retro style and a blue sofa next to colorful chairs and carpet

The combination of nostalgic furnishing elements and modern furniture gives the interior a particularly charming touch. With the room layout, the architects have achieved an optimal effect by providing each area with the necessary items.

small niche transformed into a study with an office table and lamp in a colorful combination of colors

The interior designers have transformed the small, open niche in the hallway into a small study by positioning a compact office table there. The retro-style wardrobe in the children’s room also combines perfectly with the rest of the colorful room furnishings.

mediterranean house with cactus garden trees and stone slabs in front of the entrance in the sand

Overall, such a Mediterranean house in the middle of nature makes a very pleasant impression and is reminiscent of a carefree summer. It is a secluded oasis of calm in which not only the residents, but also guests can feel very comfortable.

*Architects website

narrow bedroom with floor-to-ceiling cupboards and a double bed in retro style

minimalist bathroom with white tiled shower cubicle and wooden folding doors

dining area with round designer table and black dining chairs in a modern ambience with white kitchen furniture

floor plan mediterranean house in israel cacti house with a large garden and trees