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Luxury villa in Hollywood Hills

luxury villa hollywood hills exterior design

A very luxurious and charming project is the new addition to the magnificent city map of Hollywood Hills. Dedicated to the bohemian style, comfort is the main symbol of the atmosphere Luxury villa a dream come true for the stars in show business. The common people are allowed to take at least one look at this home and copy some interesting ideas from the unique architectural plan and the fine decoration. The exterior design of the house should not be underestimated because it also emphasizes comfort and beauty.

The story behind the creation of the luxury villa

luxury villa hollywood hills outside view terrace

Designed and constructed as a symmetrical vulgar building, this one is Luxury villa a creation by the American designers working with Assembledge LA Studio. The main leaders of the project – David Thompson and Kevin Southerland – have achieved their main goal of creating a wonderful atmosphere where every family member has their own private space, as well as comfortable and cozy spaces where the whole family can gather. Stylish and elegant, this extremely luxurious villa impresses with its classic concept for a magnificent home.

The architecture and the exterior design ideas

luxury villa hollywood hills exterior view exterior design

The architecture and the exterior design ideas of this Luxury villa are a perfect mix between the latest contemporary innovations and techniques with the tried and tested methods for design and construction processes. The architectural plan adheres to the usual shapes and the natural fusion between the parts of the building and the elements of the exterior design.

the Luxury villa is spacious and the ground floor is divided into clearly defined zones for the individual rooms. However, the second floor, which by the way is smaller than the ground floor, is a romantic addition to the entire structure. The simple geometric shapes are bordered by solid patterns made of glass and wood. On the other hand, the marble elements in the house are effective extensions for the outer facade of this extremely charming Luxury villa.

The Luxury Villa in Hollywood Hills – Exterior Design

luxury villa in hollywood hills exterior interior

The exterior design of the house is mainly reserved for the enormous swimming pool. Surrounded by nice light systems, the night atmosphere outside the house is a real fairy tale, especially when you are with good company and a cool drink in hand. The picturesque mountainous view from the private Luxury villa is exactly what such a beautiful setting needs.

The interior design concepts in the villa

luxury villa hollywood hills living room fireplace minimalist

The private Luxury villa Hollywood Hills is gorgeous and overwhelming at the same time. Most of the walls are actually made of glass and thanks to the amazing view, this beautiful view to the outside is in perfect combination with the magnificent interior atmosphere of the house. The bedroom is designed in a classic minimalist style where luxury and comfort are more synonymous. On the other hand, the seats in the office design emphasize the functionality of the house – it could be used both as a villa for the weekend and as a home office.

The dining room with wooden fittings

luxury villa hollywood hills dining room wood furnishings

The furnishings in each room are dedicated to the eeriness and beauty. Most of the art pieces are related to the elegant furnishings, created from environmentally friendly materials and covered with damask linen with neutral colors. The wooden chairs and tables in the dining room and kitchen are in the traditional and classic style, which is nevertheless diversified by the exotic touch of magnificent interior design techniques.

The two floors of the luxury villa with a beautiful view

luxury villa in hollywood hills terrace view swimming pool

The exterior of the villa

luxury villa in hollywood hills sofa hardwood floor

The living room in a minimalist style  

luxury villa hollywood hills living room wood roof built-in lights

The luxury mansion in Hollywood Hills in the evening

luxury villa hollywood hills patio view at night

The bedroom with a glass wall and a beautiful view

luxury villa hollywood hills bedroom glass wall