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Luxury villa in Beverli Hills from the 70s is being renovated

Glass facade white glass facade plant pot

The homeowner of this Luxury villa in Beverli Hills commissioned the architects from McClean design with the task of modernizing and expanding the building from the 70s. The end result is impressive – after the renovation, the house presents itself with a new minimalist look.

Luxury villa is being expanded – domicile in Beverli Hills offers more living space

Sitting area neutral upholstered furniture color gray

The original building was on one of the most sought-after lots in Beverli Hills, but the homeowners couldn’t really enjoy the view back then – the Victorian windows were narrow and didn’t let enough sunlight into the interior. That is why the architects decided to glaze the southern facade and create a seamless connection between the living area and the garden using sliding glass doors.

The floor plan posed another challenge – the living space in itself was more than adequate, but the homeowners had two living rooms, a cabinet, a kitchen, a bathroom, and only one bedroom. They wanted at least one more children’s room and guest room. That is why the experts at McClean Design have created a spacious living area where the kitchen, dining room and living room are housed. The remaining free space was then divided into two additional bedrooms.

the Luxury villa may already look finished, but in fact the architects are currently working on an extension project and are building two additional construction volumes where a spa area will be housed.

Luxury villa in Beverli Hills – The interior is simple but very stylish

Art wall painting bookcase green accents small black glass metal coffee table

The living area looks out onto the garden, where a terrace with a dining area invites you to spend sociable evenings with friends

spacious houseplants glass sliding door white upholstered sofa

The spacious living room is furnished in a Mediterranean style

maritime modern living style white walls fireplace neutral color furniture grass green accents

The abundantly glazed facade lets sunlight into the interior

Corner sofa gray fireplace built-in painting yellow green

The spacious kitchen with red high-gloss fronts and stainless steel island

modern kitchen design stainless steel counter red fronts high gloss cooking island

House glass facade sliding door wood floor terrace

The dining area in a minimalist style

design plant pots wall design ideas recessed lights

Another living room with skylights, fireplace and built-in shelving system

Living room shelving system painting carpet fireplace

When the evenings are warm, homeowners can open the sliding glass doorsFireplace neutral gray color wall decoration maritime style

The bedroom in purple – modern and yet cozy

pure set up ceiling design bed purple shaggy carpet wall painting

Leather armchair cross-legged fireplace outside shaggy rug

shape freestanding bathtub vanity mirror

Tile wall bathroom furniture mirror glass shower cubicle tiles

Corner sofa TV hanging on stone wall luxury domicile

Leather furniture living room glass wall stone floor tiles wall shelf recessed lights

modern one floor glass facade concrete construction lawn area pool

Single family home renovation ideas pool recessed ceiling lighting