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Luxury house in Hong Kong brings the Ferrari into the living room

luxury house-Sai-Kung-hong-kong-outdoor-pool

 Hong Kong is the metropolis with the second most expensive residential properties in the world with 85,000 euros per square meter. One square meter there costs as much as an entire apartment in Germany. It is therefore not surprising that wealth is measured there not in terms of expensive cars and fine watches, but in terms of space. Who a big one Luxury home in Hong Kong he is certainly very rich.

Luxury Home in Hong Kong – Spacious and Minimalist

luxury-home-furnishings-hong-kong-spacious-minimalist-window front

The lack of space poses great challenges for interior designers, so that they are always trying to implement new, space-saving solutions. An example of this is this luxury villa in the Sai Kung district of Hong Kong, the rooms of which are spread over several levels. The goal is – flexible, open living. The property was designed by the local architecture firm Millimeter interior design designed and realized. This house also has one of the coolest garages in the world, because the car is parked in the middle of the living room. In this case, it’s a bright red Ferrari. Lots of glass and shiny surfaces such as brushed steel make the house appear open. The furnishings are kept very minimalist, but contain some spectacular highlights such as the low steel kitchen and the extendable dining table. When not in use, it can be completely sunk into the ground.

Luxury home in Hong Kong



Glass garage with dream car in the middle of the living room

luxury home in hong kong living room-gray-black-floating-stairs

 Generous glass and steel surfaces

luxury house in hong kong living area-gray-minimalist

floating black stairs to the top

luxury-furnishing-living room-indirect-lighting-modular-sofa

modular sofa


 deep luxury kitchen

luxury-kitchen-stainless steel-undercounter-lights-glass wall

glamorous steel kitchen

luxury kitchen glass box garage blinds

luxury-furnishing-living area-tv-wall-retractable-dining-table

bedroom-furnishings-minimalist-large-gray-wall panels-wooden floor

luxury home-bathroom-glass walls-bedroom-marble-floor tiles

luxury home-bathroom-dressing room-glawande-marble-floor tiles


design-study-fitness-equipment-laminate floor

luxury house-Sai-Kung-millimeter-interior-design-floor plan-ground floor


luxury-house-Sai-Kung-millimeter-interior-design-floor plan-bedroom

luxury-house-Sai-Kung-millimeter-interior-design-floor plan-study-bedroom

luxury house-Sai-Kung-millimeter-interior-design-floor-plan-roof