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Luxury Chalet Brickell – the dream for your skiing holiday

Luxury-Chalet-Brickell-facade-fairy lights-roof-lighting

Chalet Brickell enjoys the luxury of an impressive setting in the heart of Megève. This extraordinary Luxury chalet harmonizes perfectly with the small town. Located at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by nature, it has found its natural place. The holiday home combines fine materials and elegant combinations down to the smallest detail. Nothing is left to chance. Every accessory has its role to play: a touch of color, a glow, bespoke carpets, unique motifs. Behind this chic modernity lies a really authentic simplicity.

Luxury Chalet Brickell demonstrates modest sophistication

Luxury chalet-brickell-lounge-area-wood ceiling

The combination of metal, glass and steel is elegantly complemented with the warm colors of the ancient forest. Clear lines create a comfort and absolute simplicity. The overall effect is a neutral, unassuming sophistication that forms the perfect setting for works of art by renowned photographers.

Luxury Chalet Brickell offers absolute comfort


The luxury chalet Brickell faces south so it can enjoy the sun all day long and the unforgettable mountain views. The teak terrace and the snow in the background is the perfect place to relax in the sun.

Contrast between glass and solid wood

Luxury chalet-glass stairs-wood panel roof

Master bedroom. The attention to detail makes this room a true oasis of wellbeing. The master bedroom owes its beauty to the skills of Italian craftsmen specializing in the construction of yachts. Wood paneling on the walls harmonizes beautifully with the oak floor, covered with thick carpets, while shagreen leather frames the luxurious sliding doors. They open to the marble bathroom where two identical Japanese-style shower stalls face each other.

amazing crystal pendant lights

Luxury chalet crystal pendant lounge area

The huge garage in the basement combines that Luxury chalet and the guest house. A showcase for car collectors and fans, it was designed to house 4 × 4s, racing cars and elegant sedans, with an emphasis on aesthetics and rigor. On the walls there are posters of the fastest and most famous racing drivers, like Steve McQueen.

glamorous gold and silver furniture

Luxury chalet gold silver furniture design

The indoor pool from Luxury chalet enjoys a view of the garden and natural light. In order to protect privacy, special curtains can be drawn in front of the large windows. Loungers, together with a teak floor like the deck of a yacht, give the feeling of a relaxed cruise.

Wine cellar

Luxury chalet france wine cellar

The night club as well as the home theater and its large screen have the highest professional standards and use the latest technological developments. Dancers enjoy an LED lighting system created by a specialist that is available to nightclubs around the world.

elliptical dining table and crystal chandelier


That Luxury chalet and the guest house are located in two of the best French ski resorts (Megève and Courchevel 1850) and are equipped with services worthy of the great palaces: transfer by helicopter, housekeeper, private chef, chauffeur, concierge, massage, beauty care, etc. your dream of comfort and Well-being is guaranteed here!

Design by Pure Concept

Glossy kitchen

Luxury chalet-brickell-high-gloss kitchen

Fur blankets and decorative pillows in the bedroom

Luxury chalet bedroom-plus-animals-blankets

golden bedroom


Dressing table with shagreen leather cover

Luxury chalet shagreen leather make-up table

brown marble tile and glass shower stalls

Luxury-chalet-bathroom-brown-marble-tiles-glass shower cubicle

Shagreen leather and velvet trim

Luxury chalet shagreen leather-covered sliding-doors

  Home theater with a purple design


Indoor swimming pool with marble


Teak floor in the relaxation zone

Luxury chalet indoor pool teak floor


Luxury chalet garage design floor lights poster

   Luxury Chalet Brickell in Megeve, France