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Live in an exclusive ambience – a single-family home in South Africa

Ambience living -exclusive-garden-sculpture-driftwood

A single-family house in South Africa designed by “Union3” impresses with its playful architecture, the use of fine materials and highlights such as an indoor pool, artistic installations and a wonderful, natural view. In this exclusive ambience, the homeowners live with a high level of comfort and completely undisturbed, as the hillside location and the surrounding plants create a natural barrier for road traffic in the vicinity. An exotic green reception area invites you to the inside of the house and the floor lights make a more than positive first impression.

Live in an exclusive ambience – a breathtaking single-family home in South Africa

Ambience living -exclusive-house-hillside-south africa

The first thing you notice in the open living room is an oversized, wooden human figure hanging from the ceiling above the transition area. This artistic sculpture was actually made by the homeowner himself from driftwood. Such a giant sits on the stairs to the beautiful garden, which is equipped with a fireplace and recessed wooden seating. The kitchen is connected to the living room and is stylishly designed in pleasant, neutral earth tones. A dining area is also available and is artistically separated by a turquoise carpet.

Ambience living -exclusive-entrance-area-plants-garden

There is an indoor pool in the middle of the house. The whole building is actually built around it and thanks to the glass railing there is a beautiful view of the blue water surface from every corner of the common rooms. The house has two living areas on one level each, an entertainment room, a covered terrace with an exclusive outdoor kitchen, a dressing room and a total of 5 bedrooms with bathrooms that are individually and variedly designed. There is also no lack of cozy touch, which is achieved by wood accents, upholstery and carpets. Interesting pendant lights and harmonious, indirect lighting create a warm look and complement the already positive appearance. The covered terrace and the wooden deck with an integrated fireplace on the ground floor extend the living space to the outside.

Ambience living -exclusive-living room-sculpture-driftwood

Noble, modern furnishings merge with high-quality processed natural materials and contribute to a high level of living comfort in an exclusive ambience. Inside and outside there is a cozy, friendly atmosphere, which is emphasized by the multiple artistic installations and the personal style of living.



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* a project by Union3