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Indirect lighting in blue in a dream villa in Italy

indirect lighting in blue terrace seating area whirlpool

This villa is located in Italy. What is immediately noticeable about it is that it is characterized by a very smooth design. The facility is designed in monochrome black and white, but it is very effective indirect lighting in blue broken and highlighted. We would like to give you a closer look at the modern villa.

Indirect lighting in blue with black furnishings in the living room

indirect lighting in blue furniture sofa black carpet gray

Black furniture dominates the living room. But these are better displayed by the white walls and the white floor. That way, the room doesn’t look too dark either. The dining area is right next to the living room. There, too, black furniture dominates in the form of a large dining table and chairs, so that this area is not really separated from the living room. The ceiling is in turn adorned with the indirect lighting in blue.

Indirect lighting in blue – modern, white kitchen

lighting kitchen partition wall white built-in cupboard around dining table

Things look different in the kitchen, which is separated from the rest by a partition wall with built-in cupboards and thus represents an independent area. All furniture except for the chairs is white and also high-gloss, which gives the kitchen a classy and modern look. The indirect lighting in blue can be found here in the area of ​​the partition wall.

Staircase with indirect blue lighting

blue lighting stairs white steps handrail glass hallway

The indirect lighting in blue in the stairwell area is particularly attractive. Glass plates, which are illuminated with this light, serve as railings here. The impression arises that the glass itself glows or is colored blue. The stairs lead to the upper floor where the bedroom and bathroom are located.

The glass railing glows in blue

blue handrail glass lighting stair design

And of course there is no lack of indirect lighting in blue here either. The bathroom is also an interesting design idea. This is a kind of glass cabin that is located directly in the bedroom. Black curtains, which can be drawn if necessary, ensure privacy.

Bathroom lighting in blue

indirect lighting blue bathroom glass curtain black

Seating area by the fireplace with blue lighting in the ceiling

lighting blue design fireplace chairs carpet gray tiles white

Blue lighting as an accent in black furnishings

lighting corridor indirect partition wall black dining area villa design

Seating area with white furniture and blue light under pallets

indirect lighting in blue seating area white furniture awning

Indirect lighting in blue – elegant, monochrome furnishings in black and white

blue lighting monochrome furnishings dining table black column

indirect lighting blue wc design monochrome idea

Villa design by  Domenico De Palo.