Dream homes

House with wooden cladding consists of four wings

house with wooden wall cladding terrace seating area chairs

When the owners hired Planmaestro to build you a house, one of the requirements was to build in lots of bedrooms, both for the family and their guests. The trees in the surrounding forest should also be preserved and protected. This resulted in four sub-areas that are separated from each other, one of which houses the kitchen with living and dining room. In the other three wings of the House with wooden cladding there are a total of nine bedrooms, as well as six bathrooms and a laundry room.

House with wooden wall cladding – living room with white couch and colorful throw pillows

house wall covering wood living room furnishing white couch set

Both the outer facade and the walls in the interior are clad with wood. However, the color makes a difference. While the walls are made of dark wood on the outside, a light variant was chosen for the interior. Each wing of the house with wooden wall cladding also has its own view. The large windows either offer a view of the lake, the forest or the garden of the house. You are welcome to view more photos of the house with wooden wall cladding below. Incidentally, it is in Chile.

House with wooden wall cladding – Modern kitchen with dining area

house wall covering wood bright kitchen white extractor hood dining table

Wooden dining table with attractive lamps

house wall covering wood dining table chairs lamps decoration

Light wall covering in the hallway with stairs

house wall cladding wood hallway design stairs

Lounge area in the house

house wall cladding wood lounge window tv design idea

House with wooden terrace

house with wooden wall cladding dining table lawn garden nature design

Wood wall paneling and laminate on the porches

house-with-wood cladding veranda design beams lighting floor

House with terrace in the middle of the forest

house with wooden wall cladding outdoor floor parquet trees

Design idea from wooden moldings in front of the window

house with wooden cladding garden hose plants blind

house with wood cladding living room window joints lawn flagstones

house residential structure wall covering wood chile forest garden

house wall cladding wood outdoor floor veranda simply modern

house residential structure wall covering wood lamellas facade lawn

house wall cladding wood courtyard stone slabs lawn joint idea modern

house wall covering wood hallway wing architecture idea

house residential structure wall cladding wood entrance door grill fireplace modern furnishings

house wall covering wood lighting night terrace living area

house wall cladding wood tree lighting wing design

house wall cladding wood floor plan location map chile design

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