Dream homes

House with white furnishings in Malibu by Tighe Architecture

house with furnishings in white facade garage roof balcony driveway

This House with white furnishings was created after a renovation. A minimalist style was chosen, which also serves to showcase the owner’s painting collection. The large window fronts also contribute to this, allowing plenty of light to penetrate into the rooms. The result is a modern apartment with a gallery-like look. The large windows in the contemporary house with white furnishings also allow a wonderful view of the ocean and the rest of the area.

House with white furnishings in the kitchen with dining area

house with furnishings in white kitchen dining room wood table paintings

The house with furnishings in white consists of two floors, which are connected by a modern staircase with an inviting appearance. Another special feature of this staircase is that the laser-perforated steps create great light and shadow effects depending on the angle of incidence of the light. The exterior facade is multifaceted. This effect arises due to the shape of the roof. The residence is called Montee Karp Residence and is located in Malibu, Los Angeles. The design for the house with furnishings in white comes from the company Tighe Architecture, which is also based in Los Angeles.

House with white furnishings – dining table overlooking the sea

house with furnishings in white dining table chairs balcony sea view

House with white and gray furnishings in the living room

house with furnishings in white living room carpet painting fireplace sofa wooden chair

Interior in the bedroom of the house with a balcony

house with furnishings in white bedroom window balcony armchair retro

Furniture in the bedroom mostly gray

house furnishings white monochrome bed gray headboard

White furniture in the bathroom combined with gray walls

house furnishings white bathroom concrete toilet sink modern design

Library in white with skylight

house furnishings white monte karp wall shelf books skylights

House with white furnishings – Long, horizontal window for panoramic views

house furnishings white malibu horizontal window view minimalist

Minimalistic, white staircase in the house with wall sculpture

house with furnishings in white staircase perforated modern handrail

house with furnishings in white shadow effect stepped perforated hallway

house furnishings white driveway garage gate minimalist style hedge

house furnishings white shadow light effect window outdoor design

house furnishings white architecture outdoor roof lighting

Design by Tighe Architecture.