Dream homes

House with Mediterranean and teak accents in a modern style

pool terrace mediterranean and teak accented blinds pergola

This dream home with a home with Mediterranean and teak accents consists mainly of concrete. There are also aluminum windows, parquet floors in the interior and teak wood on a sun terrace. It is located in Tel Aviv, Israel, with the design by Paz Gersh Architects. The house with Mediterranean and teak accents has an L-shape and frames the pool. The garden is divided into three areas, each area being designed in a different way. The main theme here is the Mediterranean style.

Mediterranean and teak accents in the outdoor area of ​​the house

mediterranean and teak accents pool blinds window frontage plants

The living area consists of large windows that let a lot of light flood inside. There you will find the living room, the kitchen with dining area and a small library. From all these areas, thanks to the large windows, you get a great view of the pool and the garden with Mediterranean and teak accents. The bedrooms are in turn distributed on the lower floor and on the second floor. For this reason, the floor with the living area plays the role of a transition. As for the teak accents, in addition to the already mentioned floor in the pool area, there are also effective blinds on the second floor, which can be opened and closed by turning around their own axis.

The Mediterranean and teak accents give the house charm

terrace stairs seating area mediterranean tree kitchen dining room

The three areas in the garden of the house with Mediterranean and teak accents differ in their landscaping, with all representing the Mediterranean style. There is an attractive roof garden in front of the master bedroom on the second floor, where the plants are grown in steel planters. And the bottom floor is also adorned with great greenery. The main level of the house with Mediterranean and teak accents, on which the living area is also located, consists of a lush garden with eucalyptus, among other things.

Living room with a view of the Mediterranean garden

living room design mediterranean garden carpet pool coffee table

Library with a color accent in the form of a lilac lounge chair

living room library lounger purple fireplace mediterranean modern

Original wall unit with fireplace in the house with Mediterranean and teak accents

library living area living wall deck chair stairs accents fireplace

Modern kitchen with a view of the Mediterranean garden

kitchen outlook mediterranean and teak accent pendant lights

House with Mediterranean and teak accents – staircase with steel railing

stairs modern mediterranean wood steps handrail steel accent

Second floor with teak blinds and a Mediterranean roof garden

bedroom teak blinds shelf carpet parquet garden mediterranean

Teak blinds in the bedroom with a view of the Mediterranean garden

bedroom design blinds teak wood bed garden mediterranean

Teak blinds rotate on their own axis

Mediterranean and teak accented blinds modern design

gray bathroom tile tub mediterranean modern palm console

teak accent terrace garden mediterranean blinds bedroom

wood teak blinds night lighting pool mediterranean garden

night lighting house design pool mediterranean teak wood

house mediterranean and teak accents white facade

floor plan house modern mediterranean and teak accents

garden villa side view mediterranean and teak accents

villa mediterranean and teak accents side view floor plan

project idea house design tel aviv mediterranean and teak accents

A design by Paz Gersh Architects.