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House with glass front at the foot of Table Mountain shines again after renovation by SAOTA

house with glass front, pool, residences with lighting

SAOTA’s Invermark residence, located in one of Cape Town’s upscale suburbs, deserves our attention with its overall appearance and history. The glass-fronted house at the foot of Table Mountain was designed for himself in 1969 by the South African architect Gilbert Colyn. The property was inspired by two modernist houses, namely the Farnsworth House from 1951 by Mies van der Rohe and the Glass House from 1949 by Phillip Johnson. The talented architect of Invermark House was recognized for his excellent work decades ago and was awarded an architecture prize.

modern house with glass facade front yard lighting

In 2013 the director and architect at SAOTA Stefan Antoni acquired this property. The glass-fronted house in the green suburb of Cape Town’s Higgovale was already in such poor condition that it was on the verge of demolition. The architectural value of the house was recognized by Antoni von SAOTA. Antoni subjected Invermark House to an extensive renovation, during which he carried out the entire work with great regard for the original structure of the property. His efforts and the excellent work were also rewarded with a prize from the renowned Cape Institute for Architecture.

interior modern glass front fireplace white furniture

As part of the renovation, the beautiful glass-fronted house was given a fascinating view of the city and the sea. The large window fronts have also ensured that the rooms are flooded with light. The glass front and the open room concept help to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. The pool was relocated from the mountain side facing away from the sun to the front of the building. This also ensured more privacy, among other things. A new garden was created at the rear of the mountain. The garden has a large lawn and beautiful rows of trees. The house Invermark is in full harmony with the surrounding nature.

glass facade living area parquet floor wooden ceiling wooden beams

The interior design received a contemporary look thanks to the open living concept and the simple, modern furniture. The impressive house accommodates two living areas, a kitchen, bedroom and a stylish bathroom with an oval, free-standing bathtub. From the bathroom you can enjoy a great view of the garden. A walk-in closet acts as a separation between the bedroom and the bathroom. The entire interior is a successful and fantastically beautiful composition of modern pieces of furniture and accents that have been combined with the natural material wood. This dream house exudes a special charm that cannot be overlooked.

solid wood dining table view garden lawn trees

invermark house with glass front garden bedroom

house with glass front walk-in closet bathroom

invermark residence bathroom freestanding bathtub

living area sitting area walk-in closet neutral tones

open space concept bedroom area bathroom wood ceiling

garden lawn trees bench glass facade

stairs outside house with glass front bright

mountains nature outside pool greening

south africa sea view mountains nature pool private residence

garden invermark residence green area statue

garage entrance wall planting concrete

floor plan house with glass front invermark saota

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